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What I'm Listening To, New Music Thoughts and What's Happening With The Blog?

 Okay, so if you're unaware although, I'm sure most of you are aware, I started university this week. Therefore, I haven't posted as much as I wanted to recently, I've also just had some terrible mental health days and therefore it's made me feel very unmotivated to write. However, Monday posts will still be a thing. They always have been and they always will be. I will be posting my weekly what I'm listening to on a Sunday. I will post content when I'm working with a band on whatever day they desire. 

Mondays - upload day
Sunday - What I'm Listening To...

I want to bring you once a month ideally some new small artists to check out, I want to keep churning out as much content as I can. I don't want to go back down to once a week, not even twice a week. I want to be putting as much effort into content for you all if I can. I can't say what days besides them two I'll upload content because it's all dependant on ideas and uni workload and everything else. But I want to bring you as many posts a week as I can find the effort to do. 

I talk about small artists a hell of a lot. It's one of the things I'm most passionate about, and this is a music blog. I do want to mention small artists more than I currently do though because as I always say, small musicians need the love and support a lot more than bigger artists. I talk about them a lot, but I want to talk about more artists and I want to talk about them more often. So, expect lots more small band content! 
    Because of that, this year's Lemon Awards will be mainly tailored towards small bands! I want to give as many small bands awards as I can. I will make more categories if I have to just to give more small bands awards. This year's Lemon Awards will be the biggest and best to date! 

Anyway, let's talk about some music that's come out recently that I haven't spoken about, and what my thoughts are. Not a review, just some brief thoughts. This isn't really about small bands as I've worked on every release that I'm aware of recently. I might have missed a few but all the ones on my radar I've covered. 

Machine Gun Kelly's album...
    I love MGK, and pop-punk is my favourite genre as I'm sure everyone knows at this point. So, the whole idea had me very excited. The album slaps. We all kind of know that. I think it's incredibly catchy, I've listened to it a hell of a lot since it was released on Friday, and I honestly love it. The novelty is now starting to wear off, but I'm still obsessed with it and I'm still loving it. 

Knuckle Puck's album...
    It's a good album. I expected to love it a little more than I did but saying that I've only listened to it all the way through like once maybe twice. I need to listen to it a lot more, to get my full opinions on it. But it's good, and I think it's decent. Hopefully, it grows on me if I listen to it a little more, and I think it will. 

That's mainly the two releases I haven't really voiced my opinion on. I have tweeted my thoughts about a lot of singles that have come out recently. 

So the last bit, is my What I'm Listening To...

Bands I've Been Loving; 

- Light Grey
- The Mocking Jays
- Distant Blue
- Young Fatigue
- Downcast
- Cambridge
- Better Anyway
- Nautical Mile
- Home Wrecked
- Decay
- Near Mrs
- Autumn Fires 
- Best of Enemies
- Good Hustles
- Holygood
- Seasonal
- Give Me A Reason
- When Nothing Works
- Four Thousand Miles
- Machine Gun Kelly
- The Amity Affliction

Albums/EP's I've Been Loving:

- Home Wrecked by Home Wrecked
- Beginners Luck by Light Grey
- The Love Era by The Mocking Jays
- Staring At The Sun by Decay
- The Only Way Is Through by Nautical Mile
- 28 Years Ago by Cambridge
- Failures, Vol 1 by My Latest Failure
- Full Circle by Don't Forget Rupert
- Sorry State by Best of Enemies
- A Fear The Comes Around by Best of Enemies
- Mad Love by Ollie Hayes
- Brighter Roads by Seasonal
- Misery by The Amity Affliction
- Everyone Loves... You Once You Leave Them by The Amity Affliction
- Let The Ocean Take Me by The Amity Affliction
- Tickets To My Downfall by Machine Gun Kelly

Songs I've Been Loving; 

- Bitter by Light Grey
- Funny by Give Me A Reason
- I Can't Say This To Your Face by Better Anyway
- Afterthought by Better Anyway
- Settle Down by Light Grey
- Electric Blue by Charles Darling
- Dealing With A Broken Heart by Ollie Hayes
- Lemonade by The Mocking Jays
- Headlights by Near Mrs
- The Way We Used To Be by Cambridge
- Dislocation by Young Fatigue
- Pretty Now by Young Fatigue
- User_name by Light Grey
- Kiss My Neck by The Mocking Jays
- Drunk Me by Until You Disappear
- Distance by Until You Disappear
- Smile by Good Hustles
- Catharsis by Downcast
- Lowkey As Hell by Waterparks



  1. Music is food for the soul, I hope your blog tells us how it makes you feel and what it tastes like.

    Be happy. Youth is often wasted on the young, use every moment, its yours. Good luck with your studies. Just some twitter guy who is now listening to spotify random songs inspired by your playlist. Pretty good.

    1. If you ever want to discover some more small bands, I've got a Spotify playlist for this! Forgot to tag it on the end of today's post, but it's here if you want to check it out!


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