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My Favourite Small Bands...

So, welcome to the start of Small Band Week 2!

So, I talk about a lot of different bands, and I realise that although some of my favourites are obvious (The Mocking Jays, Four Thousand Miles, Light Grey), not all of them are. So I thought, since it's Small Band Week 2, I'd bring you a post about my favourite bands! I have high standards for music, which if you've read reviews, you might know. I like songs with change and depth, I like songs to be engaging, I want them to make me wish I was hearing them live at a gig whenever I'm listening to them. I normally say that it's really hard to break into my top 5, but saying that, there are about 15 bands in my top 5, which is slightly alarming, but it's fine. There are just certain bands I cannot pick between. 

Now, I will say before we get into this, this is my personal top 5. I love every single band I work with on here, there's just some that have a very special place in my heart. I will also say that my favourite bands aren't defined by just their music, that does play a massive role in it, but it isn't the only factor. Some bands I rank so highly because they mean a lot to me, and I'm friends with them. I don't mean that in the way, that I let my bond with them influence my opinions, I mean it more so in that I've literally taken bands out of my top 5 because their personalities suck, or they've been demanding and rude. 

For reference, my favourite genres are; pop-punk, rock, post-hardcore, and metalcore. 

My number one bands are; 

The Mocking Jays, Four Thousand Miles, Distant Blue and Light Grey. These are all tied at the top, TMJ has a very special place in my heart, and so do Distant Blue. They were some of my first bands when I started music blogging. Four Thousand Miles just came out of nowhere and stole the top spot because I swear, Alex Fearn's vocals could be my cause of death! And then Light Grey is the newest band to join the top of the list, and they've literally just become like a comfort blanket for me. I found them in a time where my mental health was in the bin, literally at one of my lowest points, and they've just become like my favourite blanket on a sad day, they're such a comfort band for me. 

My second favourite bands are; 

Native Blood, Holygood and Best of Enemies. Native Blood only has one song out currently, so that could all change. Holygood has been a big part of my life since before they were even called Holygood. Best of Enemies, however, were the first band to put their faith in me doing reviews. They were my first band really, and I love them still to this day when they've technically broken up even though the last show hasn't happened yet. I just love them so much, and they mean so much to me. I've loved them for years and they're one of those bands that I feel like will always be with me. 

My third favourites are; 

Home Wrecked, Seasonal and Nautical Mile. Home Wrecked are literally flawless, so are Nautical Mile and Seasonal. I love them all so much, and they're some of the best small bands that have ever existed. They're all pop-punk and fuck me are they incredible! Home Wrecked did break up, but they released their farewell EP just over a month ago, and it's incredible. I listen to it every day. Seasonal have some of the best songs I've ever know, Hayfever is their most listened to song, but it deserves it. It's one of my all-time favourites mainly for the line "For the first time I can finally empathise where the love comes from so you can watch me photosynthesise". And then there's Nautical Mile. I swear Australia has some of the best bands, and Nautical Mile is one of them. Their album is one of my all-time favourite albums. No bad tracks on it, and they're honestly just such an insane band. 

My fourth favourites are; 

Don't Forget Rupert, When Nothing Works and Near Mrs. I literally have a tattoo for Don't Forget Rupert. I got it as a birthday present for myself for my 19th. I love it still, I love DFR and I've seen them 5 times I think, and they're honestly a great band. When Nothing Works, have three incredible songs that I love crying to on bad days even if things are a bit complicated with them currently. Near Mrs are also an incredible band, and they're always a pleasure to work with. I actually saw them live for the first time supporting DFR so that's quite ironic. I really just love them, they're incredible. 

My fifth favourites are; 

Embxrs, The Headspace, Autumn Fires, Until You Disappear and Good Hustles. 3/5 of these are Notts bands, and I love them all so much. Autumn Fires are incredible Until You Disappear are flawless, The Headspace have some bangers, Good Hustles are just great, and Embxrs although they have no original songs out yet, they're so talented. I love all these bands so much and I'd highly recommend them all. They're all incredibly talented and have some super catchy songs. I love them all so much! 

I want to add again, that I do love every musician I work with and they would all form my top 10, but if I made this my top 10 you'd be reading for so long. But I would say close runners up are Young Fatigue, My Latest Failure, Better Anyway, Give Me a Reason, Small Talk., Downcast. I do love all my bands but I just have favourites, but I mean every compliment I give all the bands I've worked with. 

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  1. love seeing your posts and you hyping up small bands encourages me to listen to them!!!

    1. Ahh! I'm so glad! I love small bands with my entire existence just as much as I love my pets and I swear it makes me so happy knowing it encourages others to listen to small bands 😭


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