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Introducing: Light Grey

Oh, hi! Welcome back to another introducing post! Today I'm bringing you Ireland's finest, Light Grey! They followed me on Twitter and one thing led to another and now we're here! Believe me, you're not ready to meet this band. They're insane! 

So Light Grey are an Ireland based trio that consists of;

Ciaran - Vocals and Guitar
Mikey - Bass 
Conor - Drums

They're pop-rock/pop-punk and they're insane! Kinda like Waterparks but better, I'd say if you like modern pop-punk you'll probably really like them! I think they're incredible! 

For fans of - Waterparks, All Time Low, State Champs and Give Me A Reason. 

But let's be realistic, we're here to talk about if the songs are any good... so let's dive into it. 

For reference, Light Grey has 9 songs out currently which is great! We love that! 

So like I tend to do, I'm going to start with the earliest release and work my up to their latest release. 

They released an EP back in 2018 called Beginners Luck so we're going to talk about that first! They do also have an instrumental track called Street Lights which is very short and sweet and a good song that I wouldn't skip if it came on. 

The first track on the EP is Bubblegum! Which is an absolute tune! It's just such an insane song. It's so catchy and upbeat and it's just a generally enjoyable listening experience! The beat is enough to draw anybody's attention, and just the entire vibe of the track is insane! Ciaran's voice is just insane and I feel like he could sing anything and I'd find it beautiful. Honestly, so impressed and blown away by this track! Love it. 

We then move onto Kiss, which again is a tune! It's very upbeat and enjoyable to listen to. I think this is one of my favourite tracks by Light Grey. I just think it's a masterpiece, it's impeccable! I love the change and depth within the sound and I just love that it's so upbeat and I really like the lyrics! I just think it's insane and it's so catchy. It's a song you just want to listen to on repeat and it's honestly just incredible. You have to listen to it to understand just how great it is, it's honestly insane! 

The third track on the EP is Settle Down. This has a bit of a heavier sound to it, it's still incredible and catchy but it's just a little heavier and darker in sound to the previous two tracks, but I love that. I love that you've got range and depth. I love the lyrics that go with this song as well, honestly, something else! It's so good that it'd have to be a joint-favourite because honestly, I N S A N E! I love this song so much, it really is a work of art it just makes me want to lose my shit in the best way possible! Ciaran's vocals on this track are beautiful! Honestly, the talent in this band is next level and this track proves that. 

Up next we have Tuesday, which honestly, imagine there being a bad song on this EP... Light Grey could never. From the second I first heard this track, I was realising that picking a favourite off of this EP would prove to be fairly difficult. The lyrics to this song are something else, honestly. Just listen to the track and pay attention to the lyrics and you'll find it great. The sound is also great. One of my favourite things about Light Grey is that nobody is overpowering the other, and everybody can be heard which I love, as I love to be able to appreciate every member's talent. I love this song so much, an absolute banger! 

The last track on the EP is User_name. You know from the first 20 seconds that this song is going to be great. The lyrics again are great. I just love the entire vibe of this track and I think it's incredible. The talent this band has is out of this world. It just makes you feel better listening to it. This I'd say is the softest and lightest song on the EP but it's still a solid track. I still love so much! I think it's great. I really do, and I could listen to this 1000000000000 times and not get bored of it. 

So, let's summarise about Beginners Luck. I'd give this EP a solid 5 out of 5 lemons, I'd go as far as to say 6 out of 5 but some people don't like that rating so as I always say, the band can pick whichever one they want. My favourite track is joint between Kiss and Settle Down. I love every track on the EP though, and I'd 100% recommend it to you! So, please make a point of checking it out! 

Now, let's move onto the last three singles they released. 

Starting off, we have Cassidy which was released last year. I love the intro this song, and I love the vibes this track gives off. I love every single element of this song. I swear Light Grey outdo themselves with every single track they've released. I love the lyrics to this song which seems to be a running theme here. Honestly, an absolute tune! Like, let me just annoy everyone that gets in my car by playing this on repeat for an hour, it's that level of good that I want to make people listen to it. I absolutely love it! I think it's an incredibly catchy song and it an anthem. It's mind-blowing just how good this song is. There aren't enough words in the English language to explain just how great this song. 
    Again, another solid 5 out of 5 release from them!

We then move onto 100 Wishes which was released this year! Like the previous tracks, it's very upbeat and infectious. It's a song you want to listen to on repeat. It's extremely catchy, it's one of those songs you know you're going to be caught humming and signing in the middle of the day when you're just going about your daily life. It's that level catchy, but it isn't annoyingly catchy like some songs are, it's catchy in the best way possible. Light Grey deserve to have their songs stuck in people's heads because they're insane. This song is really just out of this world. Lyrically and instrumentally this song is a work of art. It's such an exciting song to listen to. It really does grip your attention and you want to keep listening to it on repeat.
    Similar to the others it's getting a solid 5 out of 5 lemons. 

Now, we move onto their latest track titled Bitter. This track was only released a few weeks ago, and it was the song that made me realise this band was the shit and that I was going to be hooked on them. This is my favourite track they've put out, and some of the lines in this song be hitting hard. I wish to make this song one of my life anthems at this point. I love this song that much that I would get it tattooed on me, and if you know me you know I actually do that, I really do get songs I love this much tattooed on me, so who knows what the future holds! I can't process just how incredible this song is, and I must have listened to it near enough 100 times now. I'm honestly obsessed with it. It's so catchy, it's upbeat but the lyrics are exquisite. I cannot recommend this song enough, it's really just out of this world. I also really love the line "It's like you brought your own spoon just to stir up shit" like, how incredible is that line?! You honestly need this track in your life. If you're going to listen to one song by Light Grey and one song only, make it Bitter. 
    I don't even care if people like this ranking of not, but Bitter is getting 6 out of 5 lemons. I can't give it less than that because it's a whole new level of greatness. 

So, let's summarise my thoughts on Light Grey. 

I'm in love with this band. Super catchy songs that make you feel happy even if some of the lyrics are a little savage. Ciaran has an incredible voice and Mikey and Conor are incredibly talented. They're just an incredibly talented band really. I think they're definitely going to become a favourite on the blog, and thinking about if they make it into my top 5 (even though there's like 15 bands in my top 5) they do make the cut. Thinking again about where I'd put them, I haven't decided if they'd be joint second or joint first, but I think I'm leaning more towards first. I love Light Grey just like I love The Mocking Jays and Distant Blue, and that takes a lot for me to put a band that high up in my rankings after a few days. Expect me to mention them a lot in future posts, and as long as the band doesn't hate me after saying I'd get a tattoo for Bitter then I can almost guarantee I'll be putting up posts about them in the future! 
    Light grey is a solid 5 out of 5 lemons bands and I can't recommend them enough!

Where To Find Light Grey; 

Apple Music 

Where To Find Me: 

Here every Monday at 7pm (UK Time)
My Novel 
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  1. Love that you’re doing these posts, showing and supporting small bands, so happy you’re doing this!

    1. Thank you so much! The support you show me is insane. Thank you so much!


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