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What I'm Listening To, New Music Thoughts and What's Happening With The Blog?

 Okay, so if you're unaware although, I'm sure most of you are aware, I started university this week. Therefore, I haven't posted as much as I wanted to recently, I've also just had some terrible mental health days and therefore it's made me feel very unmotivated to write. However, Monday posts will still be a thing. They always have been and they always will be. I will be posting my weekly what I'm listening to on a Sunday. I will post content when I'm working with a band on whatever day they desire.  So,  Mondays - upload day Sunday - What I'm Listening To... I want to bring you once a month ideally some new small artists to check out, I want to keep churning out as much content as I can. I don't want to go back down to once a week, not even twice a week. I want to be putting as much effort into content for you all if I can. I can't say what days besides them two I'll upload content because it's all dependant on ideas and uni workload a

Smile by Good Hustles

So, Good Hustles have a new song called Smile! I was very lucky to be able to hear this before release because if you're unaware Harvey Duddles is one of my best friends and therefore, I got to hear this early! However, that will not influence my opinion, because if it's terrible (it's not) I'll tell you it's terrible. If it's good (it is) I'll tell you it's good!  Okay, so going into Smile I didn't really know what to expect. I'd heard a few of their songs previously as Harvey asked me for my opinion on them a few months back, and I thought they were alright. I quite liked them, I thought they had a decent vibe about them, so I knew when I saw that it was Good Hustles that it was going to be a decent track! Didn't expect it to be as good as it is though!  I'm honestly, mind blown at how incredible Smile is! Smile is such an anthemic track! It's an absolute belter. Lyrically it's incredible, instrumentally it's incredible! Mor

Part Three: Small Artists You Need To Check Out

Welcome back to another instalment of Small Band Week and today I'm going to give you some artists that I've never featured or ones I've only featured once (recently) and give you some small bands to check out! I've done two of these previously, I've found new bands since, and I do intend on this being a series so that you can just come and find some new bands to support!  Young Fatigue; I had the pleasure of working with them last week on an introducing post, they were super lovely to work with and they make incredible music. I cannot recommend them enough. Dislocation is a tune and a half and Pretty Now is just as incredible! Honestly. if you're in the market for some new pop-punk/alt-rock then go and check them out! I fucking love them and they're incredible!  Beyond The Barricade;  Now, if you're in the market for a heavier band, a band that will make you want to scream, Beyond The Barricade could be the band for you. Again, such an incredible band!

Introducing: Autumn Fires

Welcome to instalment 2 of Small Band Week 2!  Disclaimer: I do not own this photo.  Credit: ShipwreckMediaUK Now, I have mentioned Autumn Fires a couple of times here in other posts, but I am so happy to say that I am going to be bringing you some content on them properly now! If you didn't know, Autumn Fires were one of the bands I really wanted to work with, and I'm now bringing you content. I will be bringing you a review of their new single when it drops in a couple of weeks! But let's get into this!  So, Autumn Fires is a pop-punk band from London that consists of the following;  Charlotte Haimes - Vocals Callum Skea - Guitar Jamie Smart - Guitar Jay Matthews - Bass Ryan Green - Drums They're an incredibly talented band, and I love them! They currently have 3 songs out right now, so as always, I'm going to talk you through my thoughts on each track.  The first song Autumn Fires released was Waking Up in Vegas, and what a song this is!  I love the beat this son

My Favourite Small Bands...

So, welcome to the start of Small Band Week 2! So, I talk about a lot of different bands, and I realise that although some of my favourites are obvious (The Mocking Jays, Four Thousand Miles, Light Grey), not all of them are. So I thought, since it's Small Band Week 2, I'd bring you a post about my favourite bands! I have high standards for music, which if you've read reviews, you might know. I like songs with change and depth, I like songs to be engaging, I want them to make me wish I was hearing them live at a gig whenever I'm listening to them. I normally say that it's really hard to break into my top 5, but saying that, there are about 15 bands in my top 5, which is slightly alarming, but it's fine. There are just certain bands I cannot pick between.  Now, I will say before we get into this, this is my personal top 5. I love every single band I work with on here, there's just some that have a very special place in my heart. I will also say that my favour

Week Fifteen: What I'm Listening To (Small Band Addition)...

This post marks the end of Small Band Week 1, however, because bands are lovely and because I actually have some ideas, next week we're doing Small Band Week as well, so week 2 starts tomorrow! If you're unfamiliar with what Small Band Week is and has been, it's pretty much me only talking about small bands, no big bands insight. All my content has been about small bands, 99% of my tweets have also been about small bands (or my blog which has been about small bands all week). So, here we are. The end of week one, I have mainly only listened to small bands all week, there was 2 hours worth of TAA listening this week at max, so here we go. What small bands I've been listening to this week;  Bands I've Been Loving;  - Light Grey - The Mocking Jays - Distant Blue - Young Fatigue - Downcast - Cambridge - Better Anyway - Nautical Mile - Home Wrecked - Decay - Near Mrs - My Latest Failure - Autumn Fires  - Don't Forget Rupert - Best of Enemies - The Half Eight - Good H

I Can't Say This To Your Face by Better Anyway

So, yesterday Better Anyway released a new track called I Can't Say This To Your Face, and I thought so highly of Afterthought when they released that a few weeks ago, that I'd bring you my thoughts on I Can't Say This To Your Face.  I really thought that Better Anyway couldn't top Afterthought and yet here we are, we're back with another incredible track! I'm really starting to think that Better Anyway couldn't release a bad song even if they tried to, they really are just that good of a band!  The track starts off pretty slow and mellow, it isn't fast, it isn't upbeat but it's still just as beautiful! It's one of those songs that for a 2/3 of the track it's slow, it's raw whilst still being a full band performance, however, you reach 2:15 and suddenly your mind is blown. You kind of expect it to be the case that the song picks up and suddenly you're flatlining over the vocals and you just want to scream because this is it, this

Electric Blue by Charles Darling

So today being Friday, Charles Darling has released his brand new track Electric Blue. I was lucky enough to hear the track before release. So, thank you for allowing me to do some reviews, means a lot!  Moving onto the song, Electric Blue is insane! I didn't know what I was expecting, but I knew Charles was talented. He's got an incredible voice and I've found his covers and the music he did with The Half Eight incredible, so I had some expectations, but I didn't expect it to be as good as it is! Electric Blue is such an infectious track, it really is next-level good! The beat, the vocals, the depth, the insanely catchy chorus... there are so many reasons why you should love this song, and they're just a few. The entire vibe this song gives off is something else, honestly! I can't even process just how much talent Charles has!  This track is mind-blowingly good, it's incredible, it's flawless, and it's a generally enjoyable experience listening to E

Introducing: Young Fatigue

Welcome to my third introducing post of the week! Today I'm introducing you to a band that hails from London although they're scattered across the south-east.  Young Fatigue is an alt-rock/punk band that consists of;  Ash Dixon - Vocals and Guitar Charlie Roe - Drums Michael Enger - Bass and Backing Vocals This again, was a lovely band I found through twitter and I am so thankful they sent me a link to Dislocation because Young Fatigue was the band I didn't know I needed until I heard them.  So, if you know how things work around here then you know that I'm going to tell you my thoughts on the earliest single and then the latest.  Young Fatigue currently have two singles out, their debut single which is Dislocation and then the follow up single which is Pretty Now, which actually only came out a few weeks ago!  Both tracks were recorded at Decimal Studios with Chris Coulter and Young Fatigue are planning to record a full EP with Chris towards the end of the year, which

Introducing: Light Grey

Oh, hi! Welcome back to another introducing post! Today I'm bringing you Ireland's finest, Light Grey! They followed me on Twitter and one thing led to another and now we're here! Believe me, you're not ready to meet this band. They're insane!  So Light Grey are an Ireland based trio that consists of; Ciaran - Vocals and Guitar Mikey - Bass  Conor - Drums They're pop-rock/pop-punk and they're insane! Kinda like Waterparks but better, I'd say if you like modern pop-punk you'll probably really like them! I think they're incredible!  For fans of - Waterparks, All Time Low, State Champs and Give Me A Reason.  But let's be realistic, we're here to talk about if the songs are any good... so let's dive into it.  For reference, Light Grey has 9 songs out currently which is great! We love that!  So like I tend to do, I'm going to start with the earliest release and work my up to their latest release.  They released an EP back in 2018 calle

Introducing: Until You Disappear

Yup, I've found another new band who have somehow managed to make it into my top 5 straight off the bat! They followed me on Insta and messaged me and sent me a link to one of their track and well, now we're here bringing you a post!  So, Until You Disappear are a pop-punk band from Leicester! We love East Midlands bands here, it's literally why I became a music blog, to show off the local scene! They're a four piece that consists of;  Edd Hartley - Guitars and Vocals Dan Robinson - Guitar Chris Walker - Bass Harrison Evans - Drums They have two tracks currently out, and now we're going to talk about those track and what I think of them!  Up first is Drunk Me.  Drunk Me is a belter of a track! I'm honestly so blown away with this track, when I first heard it I couldn't believe just how much I loved it. This for me is one of those perfect songs. It's my perfect style. Absolutely adore this track! I love the lyrics and I think Edd has a great voice! You ca

Headlights by Near Mrs

So, Near Mrs' aren't a new band to the blog, they're a band I've mentioned a few times, and I honestly adore them! They were lovely enough to ask me if I'd be up for reviewing their new track, and of course I said yes! Now, this track doesn't drop until Wednesday, but I'm bringing you my thoughts on it today! So, thank you to Near Mrs for asking me to do this post! Let's get into my thoughts on Headlights!  So straight off the bat, I love the intro! It starts off so strong and it's an engaging track from the get go, which I say this all the time, but that's important for me. I honestly think just from the first 30 seconds this could be Near Mrs' strongest track to date. It's a song that time just seems to disappear when you listen to it. It's honestly such an enjoyable experience listening to Headlights.  I really do rate this track, it's got an incredible beat to it, it's loud, it's anthemic. It's a work of art. It is

Week Fourteen: What I'm Listening To...

 So, this week I've very much neglected blogging. I haven't felt like myself, I've had a little bit of a breakdown but nothing too serious just bpd things. But, I apologise for that, but university starts very soon, and I will be cutting down my posts when I start. I'll post my what I'm listening to, my Monday post, and possibly more posts during the week but it'll be a minimum of two a week. I will still be doing posts with bands whenever they want posts doing, and if I have ideas I will post them. But, the daily blogging is coming to an end, but I want to upload more than once a week. So, let's see what the future holds!  Bands I'm Loving;  - The Mocking Jays - The Amity Affliction - Not My Weekend - My Latest Failure - Near Mrs - Good Hustles - Distant Blue - Home Wrecked - Four Thousand Miles - Nautical Miles - Best of Enemies - When Nothing Works - Four Year Strong Albums I'm Loving;  - The Love Era by The Mocking Jays - Misery by The Amity Affl

Introducing: My Latest Failure

Okay, so My Latest Failure are a band I've mentioned once, possibly twice, but that's it. However, Chris asked me if I'd be up for reviewing their music, so I thought why the hell not!  My Latest Failure are a punk band from Middlesex, England (London if you're not geographically smart). They combine sub-genres of punk and metal to "produce hard-hitting verses with catchy sing along choruses which we call hardcore injected punk". They are inspired by hardcore punk and heavily influenced by 90s punk rock, pop-punk and nu-metal. This results in their sound having an interesting balance of aggresion, high energy and melodic noise.  My Latest Failure are a three-piece consisting of;  Chris Underhill - Guitar and Vocals Andy Hale - Bass and Vocals Jamie Boyle - Drums Now, let's talk music. I actually put Selfish down in the top 10 of the best single in the quarantine awards, so it's very evident that I love Selfish, however, there are 5 other songs out for

Week Thirteen: What I'm Listening To...

So, just a little note, that I'm sorry about the lack of blog posts this week. I've been ill and stressed and just generally not feeling like I could find the energy and effort to write. This week coming I'm going to be bringing you quite a few posts, but then I will be slowly winding down the daily posts because uni starts in a couple of weeks! But anyway, let's get into my weekly what I'm listening to... Bands I'm Loving;  - Twin Atlantic - The Amity Affliction - Nautical Mile - Home Wrecked - Hot Mulligan - Give Me A Reason - Melwood - Seasonal - Best of Enemies - Four Thousand Miles Albums I'm Loving;  - Misery by The Amity Affliction - This Could Be Heartbreak by The Amity Affliction - Everyone Loves You... Once You Leave Them by The Amity Affliction - Melwood by Melwood - A Fear The Comes Around by Best of Enemies - Sorry State by Best of Enemies - You'll Be Fine by Hot Mulligan - Pilot by Hot Mulligan - Home Wrecked by Home Wrecked - Brighter Road