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The Songs I Can't Skip No Matter My Mood...

Another fun little post, just to see what the songs are that no matter if I'm happy as can be, or if I'm depressed, I find it impossible to skip! So let's get into this! 

Let's start with some Seasonal. No matter what you will never find me skipping Hayfever or Happy. Seasonal is all round a band I struggle to skip, but these two songs can come on no matter what I'm doing, where I'm going, who I with, or how I feel because I will drop everything to scream these songs! They are just such great songs, and they aren't mood dependant. These are two stand out tracks for me! And I mean, come on "So you can watch me photosynthesize" who wouldn't want to scream that? And the whole "Singing sad words to happy songs" is the biggest mood going! 

Now let's move onto The Mocking Jays, there are some songs that are mood dependant, but there are still a solid few that I will always find time for! Those are, Funny Bones (what a shock!), Edge of Your Knife, I Can't Be (Without Your Love) and Sex On The Beach. These are the songs that I could listen to whilst crying, I could listen to whilst having the best day of my life, the songs I could listen to if the world was ending. These are just stand out songs for me! But let's be real, we all know I love everything the boys put out! 

Next up, Reflections and Lonely by Four Thousand Miles. I do not care what the day is bringing, if it's a day when I'm alive, I will never skip Four Thousand Miles. The world could be ending and I'd still be like "But it's Four Thousand Miles... I can't skip it". 4KM really do own part of my soul at this point! 

I'm always incapable of skipping The Chaser by Twin Atlantic just because, it really is that good! I struggle to skip Barcelona by Twin as well! Along with Volcano. 

Hurt by Trophy Eyes is another song that I struggle to skip whenever it comes on, I just have to have a good scream to it. 

Bittersweetheart, Paranoid and This Is My Life by Milestones are also pretty solid songs that I struggle to skip. 

Spin The Bottle by Nautical Mile along with their cover of Beautiful Soul, which is honestly, such a good cover! 

Secrets, Prepare To Be Noticed, Shape Up and Critical by State Champs feel impossible to skip, in all honesty, State Champs are one of them bands that I just struggle to skip in general. 

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