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The Quarantine Awards: The Very Best of Lockdown Music...

 Oh, here we are! I decided that we've been in lockdown for so long, that why not make a little Quarantine Awards for all the bands who still gave us music during the pandemic, because a lot of releases got pushed back, and a lot of bands just dropped off the face of the earth (which is understandable) it also led to a lot more of the alt scene being exposed as predators, so I thought why the fuck not make a lemon awards for lockdown! Yes, there will be certificates like there was from The Lemon Awards, so yes bands, if you really want your lockdown award you can have it, and if you don't want it, no hard feelings! There will be multiple awards for each category, mainly 3 but for the best single they'll be 5! Well done if you got one! I love you! 

Even if you don't get a lemon award, but you released music during lockdown, you're a legend! I love that you gave us some content to enjoy and make it more enjoyable! 

Also, yes I'm aware that lockdown isn't over, but with measures being relaxed more and more, it's fitting to do it now. 

The Lockdown Awards

The Best Entertainment During Lockdown - 

Now a lot of bands took to live streams to give us content, and some that I watched were alright, Twin Atlantic did a couple which was great, there was Five4Five fest which was insane! There were live-streamed concerts from Deaf Havana, New Found Glory and many, many more! Funnily enough, my favourite entertainment wasn't band based! So let's see what made the cut! 

1. The Stayin' Inn. That's a virtual online pub ran by a guy called Andy who used to be Twin Atlantic's tour manager, he has been doing quizzes multiple times a week, he's been a general delight, and it's been the best entertainment we've had in this house! 
2. Five4Five fest! The lineup was insane, and I can't fault it. It introduced me to a couple of bands I'd never listened to and I really enjoyed it! 
3. Sham Dunk! That was definitely something, and the little live sets that managed to happen were a nice little added touch! 

The Best Single - 

1. Reflections by Four Thousand Miles and Lemonade by The Mocking Jays
2. Stay Strong by Native Blood and Catharsis by downcast
3.whatever makes you feel safe by Distant Blue
4.Hungover Guilt by When Nothing Works
5. My Confession by Left Hand Lane
6. Better off Before by Holygood
7.Evergreen by The Headspace
8. White Lightning by Home Wrecked
9.Coward by When Nothing Works
10.Selfish by My Latest Failure
11.These Days by Home Wrecked
12. Grow Up by AVAERA
13.Oxygen by The Headspace
14. Dealing With A Broken Heart by Ollie Hayes
15. Closing Time by Sam Christmas

The Best Albums (and EPs) - 

1. Brighter Roads by Seasonal
2. All Distortions Are Intentional by Neck Deep
3. Pink Elephant by Stand Atlantic
4. Forever and Ever x Infinity by New Found Glory
5. Nothing is True & Everything is Possible by Enter Shikari

Most Anticipated Release for Post-Lockdown - 

1. More TMJ music (whenever that happens)
2. More Native Blood Music
3. More WNW music!
4. You Me At Six's new album!
5. MGK's album Tickets To My Downfall

Best Discovery - 

This has to be a joint first because I can't pick between the two of them! 

1. When Nothing Works and Native Blood
2. The Headspace
3. Conflares
4. Cambridge
5. Not My Weekend

The Biggest Scandal - 

I try not to talk about band drama over here because this is supposed to be a positive place, however, the fact that one of my best discovery bands is very vocal about this subject, it felt fitting to talk about it. 

It's hands down A Day To Remember and how they handled their allegations. One of the biggest bands in the scene and they really blocked people for wanting a statement about the allegations. If you're unaware of the allegations, just go have a little search and do some research, but when it surfaced, I didn't want to stop listening to them because they were one of my favourite bands, but we don't stand for that sort of thing around here. We really don't, so yeah, well done ADTR for taking 2 months to release a statement that the band account didn't even acknowledge and it was just on Josh's personal account. 

A lot of other bands were exposed, but they didn't go and block people for wanting a statement and most other bands managed to put out a statement. 

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