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Songs From The Scene Kid Era We've Forgotten About

Now, I was very much a scene kid back in the day, and there are definitely some songs from that era that we've forgotten about, and I can safely say I forgot most of these existed! 

- Candle (Sick and Tired) by The White Tie Affair

I totally forgot this band existed, and I forgot that this song was ever in existence. Still a tune though, and I still think it's a good song, but I'd forgotten all about its existence. 

- The Space Between by Valencia

I feel like a lot of people from my era knew this song, but never really acknowledged its existence. This song was and still is incredible. 

- Whoa Oh! (Me vs Everyone) by Forever The Sickest Kids 

FTSK were one of my favourite scene kid era bands, and this song was iconic! I still know 99% of the words to it, and I'm not even ashamed. 

- For Always, Forever by Every Avenue

We all know Tell Me I'm A Wreck, but do you remember For Always, Forever? This was the song that introduced me to Every Avenue, and I still love EA to this day, and I listen to them often, but For Always, Forever is a forgotten gem! 

- Chelsea by The Summer Set

Again, we all know Boomerang, but what about Chelsea?  I still know the words, and I still think TSS slap. This song was so underrated, and I feel like we all forget it exists. 

- Mr Right by A Rocket To The Moon

An old throwback that I think was iconic! Mr Right slapped so hard! But, I feel as if there are more ARTTM songs that are less overlooked, but still, definitely a throwback. 

- Queen of Hearts by We The Kings

Now, we all know that WTK are iconic! We all know and stan Check Yes Juliet and Say You Like Me, but Queen of Hearts seems to be forgotten about! I remember this song being so hyped back in the day, but it's forgotten about! 

- When You See My Friends by Mayday Parade

We all know a lot of Mayday songs, and we've all felt Mayday Parade as an emotion, but When I See Your Friends is the one song that I remember there being so many lyric edits of, but to a lot of people it's a forgotten Mayday song. I'm a massive Mayday fan so I know it exists, but if you're just a casual listener, and a fan of the hits then I feel like you probably forget about this! Self-titled is also just such an underrated album, we all love A Lesson In Romantics but self-titled was that good too! 

- The Best Thing (That Never Happened To You) by We Are The In Crowd

Their most popular song, but let's be realistic, we forgot it existed. This song was iconic! "So toxic you ain't nothing but a prick" YES TAY! This song will always be a favourite (when I remember it exists) and WATIC I feel, are quite forgotten about! 

- Kiss Me Again by We Are The In Crowd

Since I mentioned The Best Thing I felt like I had to mention this gem. Who actually remembers this gem featuring the one and only Alex Gaskarth?! This was the song that Chloe first sent me to see if I liked WATIC and I fell in love. This song is so underrated and forgotten about. This was an iconic collab! 

There are so many more songs we've forgotten about, but these are the ones that I could think of and the ones that when I did some digging I found and forgot existed! Maybe I'll do a part 2! Who knows? 


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