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Pink Elephant by Stand Atlantic

So, I will admit that I haven't been the longest fan of Stand Atlantic, I just never really saw the appeal, however, the past 18 months maybe I've gotten into them and I quite like them! I think they're pretty good, so I thought why not bring you my thoughts on Pink Elephant which was released YESTERDAY! 

When the singles were being released, I ended up getting pretty high hopes for this album, so here's to hoping it's an album full of bops that are all as good as the singles! 

The album opens with Like That, and from the first line, I knew I was going to love it! It's an incredible opener to the album, it's loud and it sounds heavier than expected. I love it, I really dig the sound of it, and I think it's a great song. So the albums off to a good start, and I'm just hoping the rest is this good!

We then move into Shh! which was one of the singles, and I loved it when it came out, and I still love it now, and I think it's a great transition from the last track! Bonnie's vocals on this track are and always will be incredible! I will always love this song, so it's a great start to the album! 

Up next is Blurry, and from the intro, I didn't know if I was going to love this song or not, but it's actually a pleasant surprise, I quite like the lyrics to this song! This song is actually pretty decent, I don't know why I didn't expect to like it, but it's just different, but in a good way. I think it's a good song, it isn't my favourite off the album, but it's still good! 

The fourth track is Jurassic Park which was the last single they released, and this has been my joint-favourite of the singles, and I'll put it up there with the top tracks of the album for me, but I could be surprised because there's still 7 more songs to go, even though 3 of them were singles! But, I love this song so much, I think it's incredible! 

Up next is Eviligo, and I really like this one. This song really does do something for me, and I think it's just a well-executed song! I like the lyrics, and I just generally enjoy the song, and so far, we're off to a good start with this album because 5 tracks in and they're all bops!

Wavelength comes on next, which was one of the singles, and this is my other joint-favourite single! I love the sound of this song, I love the whole vibe it gives off, I love the lyrics, and I just generally enjoy the energy this song projects! It's just such a loud and in your face track, how can you not love it?!

Next comes, Drink To Drown, which again, was a single. I wasn't the biggest fan of this song mainly because it was slow, but I still love it, and my opinion of it has changed since it was released. I now think it's a great song, and I love it! I really do think it's a good song, it's a good song to cry to. 

DWYW is next up, and this is possibly my favourite track off the album. It just gives off this insane energy, and I love that it's a fast, upbeat, intense song that follows from Drink to Drown because it keeps my interest! I really do love this song, I think it's insane!

Track 9 is Silk & Satin, and from the intro, this song doesn't do much for me. It isn't necessarily a bad song, it's just not my favourite! I think it's the effect on the track, and I like it, but I don't love it, because it just seems so flat, it doesn't change, it isn't like BOOM here's your breakdown! Even when you think it's about to give you that moment, it doesn't and that for me felt a bit underwhelming. 

Second, to last is Soap, and the lyrics to this song make me feel something. I quite like the sound, and I like that it's an in your face track! I prefer the lyrics to the sound, but I still love the sound, but hearing this is just reaffirming in my mind that my favourite track is DWYW, but I do love this, and I love the lyrics so much! It's a phenomenal song! 

The closing track is the first single they released from the album and that's Hate Me (Sometimes). I liked this song when it was released, but it didn't wow me, but now listening to it, it does wow me! I think it's great. I love this song, I love the vibes it gives off, and I love the depth to the sound, I love Bonnie's vocals, and it does leave a good impression of the album for me! I've said this before, but if an album opens and closing poorly I don't want to entertain it, because they're the tracks that form an opinion on the album (in my opinion).  

My overall thoughts are that this is a great album, there were like one song that didn't hit the mark for me, but that's great! It opened and closed really well, it didn't drop off in the latter half of the album, it was filled with so many incredible songs and so many bops! I think it's a really good album! 
I'd give it a 5 out of 5 lemons, but before we end this post I'm going to do what I did with Neck Deep's album and rank the songs (I know, I've spent too much time watching TikTok). 

2. Like That
3. Jurassic Park
4. Eviligo
5. Wavelength
6. Hate Me (Sometimes)
7. Shh!
8. Soap
9. Drink to Drown
10. Blurry
11. Silk & Satin

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