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Mad Love by Ollie Hayes

So, Ollie Hayes has just (today) released an EP called Mad Love, and Ollie asked me if I would be up for reviewing it, and of course, I thought really highly of his first track Dealing With A Broken Heart that I couldn't say no, so now we're going to be talking about Mad Love and if it lives up to Dealing With A Broken Heart. 

The EP opens with Colours which is an instrumental track. I've spoken in other reviews of not liking instrumental track really, however, as instrumental tracks go I really like this one. I think it's the rain sounds within the track that's making me like it, as I love rain sounds and find them very relaxing and comforting, so for an instrumental, it's actually decent. There's talking on the track, but it's very quiet and there's no singing. 

Track two has an incredible transition from the opener and this track is called Fake. This intro reminds me of something that The 1975 would release. The entire song has The 1975 vibes to it, and I adore it! I think it's a really catchy track and it's got an infectious beat to it. I love it! Honestly, would 100% recommend it. I love the change within the track and that it isn't boring and flat. I think it's got some decent lyrics to accompany it, and I generally find it an enjoyable track! 

Track three is Dealing With A Broken Heart, which again has an incredible transition between the tracks. I really enjoy how good and seamless the transitions between tracks seem to be so far. I've done a full review on this track, and I adore it. I really fucking love this track, it's insane and it's so catchy. I still think DWABH is an incredible track, I still rate it highly and it really is just such a lovely track. 

Moving onto track four, we now have the title track Mad Love. This has a slightly different vibe to the others, whilst also not sounding dissimilar. It's a little faster, but I like that because we've got a nice range on the EP so far. I actually think this is a pretty nice song, I like the lyrics, I like the change within the track, but it isn't my favourite off the EP yet, but it's up there. So far there's no bad songs, and this song when you put it against the other tracks shows that Ollie has a lot of talent and range whilst also staying very true to the sound you'd expect. 

Track five is Late Summer Lover is a softer, calmer track. Again, it doesn't sound out of place, because there's still the same sound repeated throughout the track as there was with the previous tracks. It's just a lot softer, but it's still a good and exciting track. It's still got change within the sound though, so I can say that I do like and appreciate the track. 

Second to last is, Dark One. I didn't think I was going to like this song from the intro, but I was actually pleasantly surprised. I really do think it's a nice track, it's again, not my favourite but I like how it started softer and ended softer but it built up to something that was a lot heavier in comparison, it's in means a heavy track, but it was heavier sound in the middle, and the way it built up and slowed down from that was incredible, and it's something I admire a lot. Again, it shows range and talent for Ollie to be able to make a track that's like that. 

The last track is HeartBreakAway, which from the intro sounds like it's a song that's about to make me cry, and when Ollie starts singing it does make me want to burst into tears. I had the expectation of this being a slow, sad song, but then it kicks in and you're like "Okay, that's something". And that, is exactly what I mean by change in a song. The song is just so raw and beautiful for the verses' yet for the chorus it's just so much louder and in your face, and I love that. Ollie really didn't disappoint with this track, and I think this is my favourite song off the EP. It's just so insanely good, even the bridge! Hell yes, this song is insane! It's a song I want to listen to on repeat. Honestly, I'm blown away by this track. I was expecting the EP to end on my least favourite track, but no, Ollie really made me fall in love with an EP and left a good impression of his music, 

So, let's summarise. The EP starts and ends really well, and there are songs I prefer on the EP, but there's not a bad song on it. I did think for 7 tracks that maybe there'd be one or two duds considering it's a longer length to an EP, but no. I really like this EP. I think it's great. I've got to admit HeartBreakAway is my favourite song, because it really is just that good, and it perfectly hits the criteria for what I consider a good track. I love the transitions on the EP, and it just works so well. I really am blown away with this EP. Well done Ollie, you did that. I'd love if anybody reading this could go and listen to the EP if you haven't already, it's such an insane EP! 

Now the bit that the average reader probably doesn't care as much about, but that Ollie probably cares about... the ranking. You know what's coming, it's a 5 out of 5 lemons! If you didn't see that coming then I don't know what to tell you. I really do think it's incredible! 

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