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Coward and Hungover Guilt by When Nothing Works

Back in June When Nothing Works released their first single Coward, and yesterday, they released Hungover Guilt. So we're going to review both tracks today! They did approach me and ask if I would be willing to do this post, and of course, I said yes. As always though, when I feature a new band on the blog, I like to introduce you to them, and tell you a little about them! 

So, When Nothing Works are an Essex based band who are 'trying to prove that something better can come out of Essex than TOWIE'. 

They're a post-hardcore/metalcore band that consists of; 

Jim - Vocals
Ben - Guitar
Luke - Guitar
James - Bass
Adam - Drums

So without rambling much more, let's get into talking about the songs! 


Up first is the first single Coward.

I went into this song not knowing what to expect, but the vocals are incredible! This is such an incredible song, and I'm going to have great joy playing this on full blast in the car and pissing everybody off. The lyrics are something else, they really are. We all know that if a song doesn't have depth, some change and some good lyrics then I'm not going to rate it as highly. But Coward, has all of that. It's intense, it's angry, and it's loud and in your face. It's a song I could listen to a 100 times and not get bored of it, so that's saying something. I love the mix of clean and rough vocals (which obviously you expect that on this sort of track). It's an insanely good song, it'd be a great song to lose your shit to. It isn't rocket science to figure out what the song is about, and the line "The advantage you took of a passed out girl" says it all. We love to see bands having lyrics like this! Also, I feel like "You are no man, coward" really summarises the song (and it also sums up the alt music scene currently). 

The more I listen to Coward, the more and more I love it. It's such an incredible song, and I really do rate it. It's incredible, and I feel like it's going to be a favourite of mine for some time to come! 

I can't give it any less than 5 out of 5 lemons, because, honestly, just take them 3 minutes to listen to it and figure out why I love it and why I'm ranking it so highly. 

Now, let's move on to the new song Hangover Guilt. 

What a tune this is! The lyrics serve the same sort of purpose as Coward's do, and fuck me, did I need a band that wasn't afraid to say these things in songs. I really fucking love the context of these songs, and they did actually speak about what Hungover Guilt was about on their Twitter, and I really do love that they'll talk about these sort of subjects in a song that other bands wouldn't talk about. Without knowing the context you can take what you want from the lyrics and apply them to any situation that's similar to what they're singing about! The fact that When Nothing Works talk about these things, makes me have so much and admiration for them! 

It again, is loud and angsty and in your face, it's such an incredibly powerful song, and it's the sort of song that you want to be done as a hardcore song. You want to be screaming the lyrics to this song to make a statement because that's what this song is. It's a statement that everybody needs to hear. It's comforting to know there's a band out there, making these statements in their music, and I have so much respect for them for doing this! What a fucking band! 

I want to say that I prefer Hungover Guilt to Coward, but they're both incredible and they're both insanely good! They both make such a great statement as well, and I love that! 

I'm going to give Hungover Guilt the same rating I gave Coward, so another 5 out of 5 lemons. 

These songs are incredible, and I'm not really interested in what comes next in When Nothing Works' journey. I've got to say, going off these two tracks, I really like this band. I would 100% recommend them to you, and they're honestly, incredible! Well done! 

I love these songs, so please go and show When Nothing Works some love! 

Where To Find When Nothing Works; 


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