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Bands I Really Want To Make A Comeback...

So, my lovely friend Amy actually requested I do this post, so here we go. So I'm going to talk about the bands that broke up and I want them back, but I'm also going to include some bands who kind of resurrected themselves but I want new music from now they're off hiatus. 

Best of Enemies - Best of Enemies broke up, and I cried like a baby about it. I'm still not emotionally okay with it all, but I still love them and even if BoE isn't a band anymore I will forever be thankful for their music and I will continue to support them! 

Every Avenue - Every Avenue the band behind Tell Me I'm A Wreck, they resurrected themselves and played some comeback shows, but I want them properly back. I want a new EA album, I want to see them being a full-blown proper band again! 

Go Radio - Now, again, they resurrected themselves and they've put out 2 tracks since coming back, and that's great, and I do want them to make a full blown return. I want to see them playing festivals, I want a tour, I want a new album! I want it all! 

Bonfires - Bonfires are such a classic band for me. I remember falling in love with them back in 2014 I think? They broke up back in 2017 I think, and it broke my little heart. I still love them and I still spin their music, and after Bonfires broke up, the frontman went on to form Better Love.

Have Mercy - I saw Have Mercy live back in 2016 and they were great, and they not that long ago announced their end. I will forever love A Place of Our Own and all their other albums, but I wish I didn't have to say farewell to them. 

Home Wrecked - I don't know if I'm allowed to put this one on here because they're not long (literally within the past couple months) announced their breakup, and they've still got their last EP to come out, but I do wish that it wasn't the end of them, and I will forever love them, and I will always find them an incredible band! 

Lower Than Atlantis - I loved LTA, I still love LTA, I will always love LTA. Their breakup made me cry a fair bit, and I wish that announcement would have been a new album or even just a single, but it wasn't. I will always love them and find them incredible, and I really wish they were still a band. 

Milestones - I knew Milestones back in like 2015. I had their EP's and everything like ones that weren't on streaming platforms. I will always love them, and I will forever listen to them and think they're incredible because even though they broke up, they are still incredible. I wish they hadn't broken up, but hey, it's just the natural process of a band.  


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