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Bands I Don't Talk About Enough, But I Should...

So, I thought this would be another nice little post for anybody looking for some new bands! These are bands I don't do features on often or bands that I never talk about unless it's my weekly what I'm listening to! So if you're willing to give some bands a go, then this one's for you! 

Nautical Mile - 

If you follow me on my socials you'll know that I love Nautical Mile and not a day goes by when I'm not listening to Spin The Bottle. But, I don't talk about them on here apart from in my weekly what I'm listening to! I love Nautical Mile so much! They're one of my favourite bands, and their album is one of my all-time favourites! I love this band more than you'd think, they're up there in my top 5 for me! They actually have a cover of Beautiful Soul (Jesse McCartney) and it's such a good track! It's their most popular track and it's great! Nautical Mile are an Australian band for reference! Moving onto original content though, their album is insane! There's not one bad song on it! Marionette is their most popular original song, and the number of times I've just randomly screamed: "Narcissistic tendencies you're always fucking using me!". However, Spin The Bottle is God tier for me! It's one of the best songs in existence! Bad Influence is also up there! They're just an insane band! And, if they ever come over to the UK you can count me in! 

My top picks - Spin The Bottle, Bad Influence, Better Half of Me and Marionette 

When Nothing Works - 

I actually did a review of Coward and Hungover Guilt, but I don't feel like I'm giving them enough hype. They deserve so much love and support, and they're just such an incredible bands! They're so talented, they make some insanely good music and their Twitter presence is even better, if you follow them, then you know what I mean. I absolutely adore this band, and they deserve a lot more hype than people give them, and I'm going to try and feature them more when I can! The lyrics to their songs are super powerful, and I really can't recommend them enough! 

My top picks - Coward and Hungover Guilt

Death of Youth - 

I did a review of their music not so long ago, and they really are a great band. I love them so much, and I feel like they're very slept on, they 100% deserve a lot more love and support, and I really do recommend you go and check them out, they're honestly incredible. I love them so much, and I couldn't recommend them enough, honestly, they have some incredible songs so please go check them out and show them some more love! 

My top picks - Echoes and You're A Crook, Captain Hook 

Small Talk - 

I've recently done a feature on their new song Hawthorne, and they're such an incredible band. They're super talented and their music is great. They deserve so much love and support, and I want to try and talk about them more and more. They're a band that I think deserve a lot more support than they get, so please, go and check them out! They're insane! 

My top picks - Hawthorne and Growing UP

Seasonal - 

Now, I've spoke about Seasonal a fair amount, but in comparison to what I talk about say The Mocking Jays, Distant Blue, Four Thousand Miles and some others, I don't talk about them enough! I love this band, and they have no bad songs! I love them so much, and they're one of my favourite bands. They're just such an unskippable band, and if you don't know who they are, then you need to go and introduce yourself to them! They're such lovely people as well, and they've always been a pleasure to work with, and they're just the nicest band. They really are just incredible, and they really do deserve a lot more recognition. I absolutely adore them! 

My top picks - Hayfever and Happy

Melwood - 

I reviewed their EP back when it was released, and I loved it, and they seem like such a lovely band, but I just seem to not mention them, and that's my own fault. I just forget to mention some bands, and I'm trying to do my best to give them bands a bit more love and support because as I said, I hype up so many other bands who I love equally as much, I just forget to hype them. Melwood are insanely talented, and Amsterdam is one of my favourite songs! It's phenomenal! So please, take a few minutes and go and introduce yourself to Melwood, because what a band! Absolutely adore them! 

My top picks - Amsterdam and Self Worth

Maybe in another month I'll do another one of these, and introduce you to some more bands that I want to give a bit more coverage to, because there's so many bands who are insanely talented and are slept on, that I don't talk about, so maybe this will become a regular thing and we'll have a talk about incredible bands I don't talk about enough more often! 

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