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A Celebration Of Endings by Biffy Clyro

So, on Friday Biffy Clyro released their new album A Celebration of Endings, and I will admit that back in day when I was getting properly into music and my love for Twin Atlantic consumed my existence, I didn't really care that much about Biffy, I'd listen to some songs, but only the popular ones like Black Chandelier, Many of Horror and the likes of them, but over the past couple of years I've got more and more into them to the point where I actually went out of my way to listen to the new singles and I waited up for the singles. 

So let's get into my thoughts on the album. 

The album opens with North of No South. The intro to the song had me pretty confused and wondering what direction this album was going in, but then it kicked it up a notch and I felt reassured, and then when Simon started singing I was confused again. It's not a bad song, that isn't the issue. There's just a lot of different sounds and elements in the song, which isn't a bad thing because if it was bland and monotone I'd be complaining. It's just not what I expected for an opening track, I like it, but I don't love it. Maybe it'll be a track that grows on me. Who knows? 

Next up is The Champ, and from the get-go with this song, I knew I was going to like this. It's soft to start with, and it feels like it's building up to something and when it kicks in and you get to what it's been building up to it's like yes! I really like the lyrics as well, and I love that it's got change and depth within the sound and all the different elements. It's a song where you can feel it building up, and you know what it's going to sound like but it's still unexpected. I really like it. Not my favourite, but I like it. 

Track 3 is Weird Leisure, which was the last single they released. I liked this when it was released, and I like it now. It's not my favourite single from the album, but I like it. I love the change and depth within the track (of course), I think it's good and it's kind of catchy, and it's a decent track. 

Following on from Weird Leisure is another single, Tiny Indoor Fireworks. Now, I have previously stated my thoughts on this track and it's my favourite single off the album, I do love it. I think it's so good! The lyrics aren't overly happy, but the sound of the song makes it feel like a happy song, but it's also a song that if you're sad might make you a bit emotional. I really do love this track, at this point it's my favourite but there's still more to go so it could change. 

Track five is Worst Type of Best Possible. From the intro this song does nothing for me, it's straight down at the bottom with my least favourite tracks. There's a small bit of change within the sound, but not enough for me to give the track the change as a redeeming factor. It's very lacking in comparison to the previous tracks. At the end of the track we see change, we see depth, but it's the last 30 seconds and for a song to be nearly 4 minutes long, to have a loud sound but lack change until the last 30 seconds doesn't cut it for me. 

Halfway through the album and now we're at Space. This has such a beautiful sound to it, and the lyrics are equally as beautiful. It's not a loud, overpowering, intense song, but it's still nice. It's beautiful, it's a song that suits it's sound and Simon's vocals on this track are beautiful. I like this song a lot because it's beautiful and even at the end when it gets louder and gains more power, it works so well and blends seamlessly. I can appreciate the beauty of this song, and I like it. 

Next up we have, End Of which was again a single, but it's my least favourite of all the singles. I didn't think the world of this track. The reason is that the intro is so long. The intro spans just over a minute long, which is a long time to grip someone's attention without lyrics. The actual body of the song I fucking love. I love how intense it is, and I love the energy within the track. It'd be a great track to lose your shit to. But, I find that long intros can be a deal-breaker, not just for me, but for others because it's got to keep you intrigued for longer than normal, I personally prefer intros to be no longer than 40 seconds long, I much prefer a longer instrumental in the track, which this track also has. It's a lot of instrumental for a track, and it's a fairly lengthy song. It's the second-longest on the album with a listening time of over 4 and a half minute. 

Track eight, Instant History. The first single. Fucking insane. I've loved it since release day and I love it now. The sound has an electro feel, and it's just a good song to listen to and it's enjoyable. There is change and depth and it's not too long that you lose interest. It's just an enjoyable song and I love it. 

Now we move onto The Pink Limit. Which sounds pretty interesting, I do enjoy this track, not my favourite but it's not the worst track on the album, I like the lyrics to it, I like the sound. I love all the change within the song, I love the transition between the verses and chorus. It's decent. Not my favourite, but it's good. 

Second, to last is Opaque. It's beautiful, it's soft and beautiful, and like The Champ, you can feel it slowly building up and Simon's vocals are insane! I love the lyrics that accompany this song, and I do think it's incredible. I love the suspense and the sound builds up and we get heavier and louder with every line sang. I fucking adore that! But it doesn't build up to be an overly heavy track. It's still soft and beautiful but you can feel and hear the increase and the suspense. 

The last track is the longest on the album and the length seemed almost intimidating for me. Cop Syrup is over 6 minutes long, and I struggle to hold interest in a song for that long, so seeing the length almost made me not want to click the play button. However, it's louder and intense from the second it starts, and there's not a long intro, but it's not what you expect the song to be. It's probably the heaviest track on the record. It reminds me of another song but I can't figure out what it is. Simon's vocals are very intense on this track, and it's mind-blowing to hear Simon's voice like that. As you'd expect for a song that spans over 6 minutes, it's got a very long instrumental in it, which halfway through and I'm wanting to skip the track and move on back to the start. 

Overall, I don't hate the album but I'm not in love with it. Maybe I don't love it because I'm not the worlds biggest Biffy Clyro fan, I like them but not on the level of Twin Atlantic or Four Year Strong. But I like the album, I like some songs better than others as you'd expect, and I wish the album opened and closed with songs I preferred because I said this in my Broadside post if an album starts and ends on songs I'm not mad about my brain then sees it as a bad album. I know that's just personal opinion, but yeah not in love with it but I like it. I'd give it a 4 out of 5 lemons because there are some great songs on the album! 

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