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Week Four: What I'm Listening To...

Welcome back to my weekly what I'm listening to! Of course, as always, I will be taking this information from what I personally know I've been listening to, Obscurify and Spotify's On Repeat. So Let's get into this! 

Bands I'm Loving Currently; 

- The Mocking Jays
- Distant Blue
- Don't Forget Rupert
- Hot Milk
- Bring Me The Horizon
- The Story So Far
- Seaway
- Not My Weekend
- Best of Enemies
- Beartooth
- You Me At Six
- Seasonal
- Nautical Mile
- Four Thousand Miles
- Milestones
- Mayday Parade

Albums (and EP's) I'm Loving Currently;

- The Love Era by The Mocking Jays 
- MYMINDISOUTOFME by Distant Blue 
- Yellow by Not My Weekend
- Red Lights by Milestones
- Sempiternal by Bring Me The Horizon
- The Only Way Is Through by Nautical Mile
- Sinners Never Sleep by You Me At Six
- The Story So Far by The Story So Far
- Disease by Beartooth
- Disgusting by Beartooth
- Brighter Roads by Seasonal
- A Fear That Comes Around by Best of Enemies

Songs I'm Loving Currently;

- Funny Bones by The Mocking Jays
- Come and Join The Party by Distant Blue
- Lonely by Four Thousand Miles
- Reflections by Four Thousand Miles
- Cold Hands by The Mocking Jays
- Closing Time by Sam Christmas
- Spin The Bottle by Nautical Mile
- Better Off Before by Holygood
- Happy by Seasonal
- Hayfever by Seasonal
- Bad News by Best of Enemies
- Running Rings by Best of Enemies
- Crazy by Makeout
- When You're Around by Not My Weekend
- White Lightning by Home Wrecked
- What You Want by Home Wrecked
- Catharsis by Downcast
- Parasite Ever by Bring Me The Horizon 
- Jurassic Park by Stand Atlantic


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