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These Days by Home Wrecked

Home Wrecked have just dropped one of their last songs, as they've announced that they're calling it a day. However, they are going to be releasing an EP next month (review will be coming of that when it drops) which will feature the tracks What You Want and White Lightning! 

Anyway, this new song is called These Days and it slaps! It is so good! It's insanely good, but saying that, I wouldn't have expected anything less from Home Wrecked when the past two singles were insane, it was to be expected that this song would be just as good! 

From the first 2 seconds, I knew I was going to love this track, and honestly, the sound of the song is next level! Lyrically, I love it. Vocally, love, love, love! It's just an overall great song and I knew that from the first minute of the song. I absolutely adore this track and it really is a masterpiece. 

It's slightly lighter than What You Want, but it's quite catchy. I do honestly, love this song so much and it really is an absolute tune! It's a song with quite a bit of depth within the sound, which is a really important thing for me! I've said this time and time again, but if a song lacks depth and it's just the same throughout and there's nothing stand out from it, then I don't tend to like it, but there are so many different elements to this song to appreciate! 

It really is an incredible song, and I just want to listen to it all day on repeat! I love it so much, and I'd really appreciate if you could go and show Home Wrecked some love, because this song is honestly, insane! 

I don't know if I prefer this to White Lightning or not, but it does very much remind me of the sound of White Lightning which is great because White Lightning is an absolute tune! But, honestly, I love it, and I'm so excited to hear the entire EP, also not emotionally ready to hear the EP, but even if they won't be a band anymore, the music will still live on! But yeah, These Days is such a great song, and I love the sound of it, and the vocals, and just everything. It really is a song that I cannot find a fault with, it keeps my attention, it doesn't get boring after 20 listens, it really is an incredible track! 

Overall, I have to give it a 5 out of 5 lemons. If you expected me to say anything less than that, then I'm sorry but I love it, and it deserves that rating! 

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