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The Best Gigs I've Been To...

So I thought it'd be nice to bring you a really chilled out basic post, but when live music returns, it'll be a good indication as to what artists I compare gigs to! 

So, my top 10 live acts are

10. The Maine
9. Near Mrs
8. Mayday Parade
7. Deaf Havana
6. Fatherson
5. Neck Deep
4. Don't Forget Rupert
3. Distant Blue
2. The Mocking Jays
1. Twin Atlantic

I have seen so many bands live, I mean I've seen TMJ 14 times! I've seen Twin 4 times, Don't Forget Rupert 5 times, Distant Blue 3 times, Mayday Parade twice! I've seen The Maine twice, I've seen bands I forgot existed, bands that broke up back in the day like Taking Hayley which Tom Paton the bassist of Hot Milk used to be in. I've seen The Xcerts, With Confidence, Boston Manor, Don Broco, We The Kings, Nothing But Thieves, McFly, The Vamps, Tonight Alive, The Dangerous Summer, The Audition, WSTR, Real Friends, Grayscale and so many more! It's safe to say I've seen enough bands live to judge them, and I always say to bands like TMJ and Distant that they are better than some bigger acts I've seen, and that is how I'd rank them! So no shade at them bands, because I love them all! But, that's just my personal rankings of them! Part of the reason I love some bands as much as I do is because I've seen them live and I can judge them off of that! 

So the best gigs I've been to...

I will always say Twin Atlantic put on the best shows. My favourite gig so far would be both of the Sheffield shows I've been to so that was 2014 on the Great Divide tour and 2020 on the Power tour! Honestly, both incredible shows! The energy at a Twin show is unbeatable! 

However, I'd rank a close second as The Mocking Jays at Rescue Rooms all three times they were great, but The Triangle Tour was insane! That one like the best TMJ gig I've been to, but they're all great, I've seen them play to like a handful of people, but I've also seen them play packed out Rock City Beta, I've seen them play sold-out Rescue Rooms shows, and I am 1. So thankful I have to pleasure of seeing them so often and getting to go to these big milestone shows, but 2. I am so proud of them, like thinking about them playing Rock City and Rescue Rooms which are iconic venues is insane. I know these people, so to think about them at these shows thinking of my favourite one, I love them so much and they deserve so much love and support! I will never stop saying that. I will never stop telling you all to listen to them because the day you realise just how good they are, is the day you'll know I was right to constantly hype them! 

Then coming in third I'd say Distant Blue at their headline show at The Bodega in Notts back in November. That was a great night! That was a great gig, that really was such a good gig. They really do put on a good show! 

Then I'd say my favourite Don't Forget Rupert gig (in fourth obviously) would be Rough Trade, April last year. I mean it was great show because the turnout was impressive, and I mean Ben was let loose around the crowd of course, but it's also a bit of a special night for me that one, because that was the first time I 1. Met Ben, but 2. I got to show him my tattoo! Which will always be a surreal moment for me! However, a close second would be seeing them play Rock City main stage, that was something! I felt so proud of them that day although running down them stairs and just about getting into Beta to see TMJ was something! 

As I said, I've been to so many gigs, but I love to say that my favourite smaller bands really do put on a great night when they're playing, and it says a lot when I think smaller bands that everyone sleeps on, are better than some bigger artists. It really does speak volumes! 

Anyway, go support your local venues during these pressing times, go to gigs when they happen again and most importantly, SUPPORT SMALL ARTISTS! 

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