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The Bands and Albums That Shaped My Music Taste...

I seem to do these, pretty much every year, so I guess it's only fair I do this again! I want to talk about my favourite bands, but also the bands and album that really made me the pop-punk loving emo that I am today. 

So, first of all, I'm going to take you through my actual favourite bands, because I talk about Twin Atlantic a lot but I don't elaborate on the rest as much! So here we go. 

Favourite Bands; 

1. Twin Atlantic and Four Year Strong
2. Beartooth, Deaf Havana and Trash Boat
3. You Me At Six and Mayday Parade
4. Seaway and Hot Mulligan 
5. Neck Deep, The Story So Far and State Champs

Favourite Smaller Bands; 

1. The Mocking Jays and Four Thousand Miles (Did you really expect anything less than that?)
2. Distant Blue, Holygood and Best Of Enemies
3. Don't Forget Rupert and Seasonal
4. Home Wrecked and Nautical Mile
5. Embxrs, The Headspace and Near Mrs

I love all of them bands so much, but some bands have that one song or that special bond and I have to rate them slightly higher. 

Favourite Albums; 

1. Free by Twin Atlantic
2. Four Year Strong by Four Year Strong
3. Disease by Beartooth
4. The Only Way Is Through by Nautical Mile
5. Mayday Parade by Mayday Parade
6. Fools and Worthless Liars by Deaf Havana
7. Life's Not Out To Get You by Neck Deep
8. Colour Blind by Seaway
9. You'll Be Fine by Hot Mulligan 
10. Get Lost, Find Yourself by Chunk! No Captain Chunk
11. The Story So Far by The Story So Far
12. Sinners Never Sleep by You Me At Six
13. Great Heights and Nosedives by Roam
14. Nothing I Write You Can Change What You've Been Through by Trash Boat
15. GLA by Twin Atlantic

So now I've exposed my favourites, it's time to talk about the music that shaped my music taste.

So, Good Charlotte and blink-182 were my first pop-punk bands that I loved. My mum used to love GC when I was growing up, and my sister and dad used to listen to pop-punk and punk-rock when I was growing up too. So, I got some early exposure... but it still took me to the age of 12 to really discover music that wasn't McFly and Scouting For Girls (we don't go there). 

So, here we go. Here's the bands that shaped my music taste. 

- McFly (Don't want to admit how much of a McFly stan I was, but it's how I met Chloe so)
- blink-182
- Green Day
- Mayday Parade
- Sleeping With Sirens
- Twin Atlantic (Free literally changed my life. When that was released as a single it changed it all for me. That was what made me so obsessed). 
- You Me At Six (this were one of the first modern rock band I got into, back in 2011 when Loverboy came out)
- Beartooth

They're the bands that really did something to me, and kind of opened me up to similar artists and allowed me to get into heavier bands. Like, I couldn't jump from McFly to Beartooth, but I gradually increased my music taste and kind of stretched it as far as I could. 

The albums that changed it all for me; 

- Free by Twin Atlantic, this album revolutionised my world. 
- Sinners Never Sleep by You Me At Six, again, if it wasn't for this album, I wouldn't like the music I do now. 
- Take Off Your Pants and Jackets by blink-182. Arguably the best blink album. This was the album that made me love pop-punk. And, still to this day, we do not sick anything from this album, especially The Rock Show. 
- Disgusting by Beartooth. This was the album that introduced me to Beartooth, yes, three years after it's release, but still. This album made me fall in love with Beartooth, and it was Beaten In Lips that did it for me. 
- Old Souls by Deaf Havana. It isn't my favourite DH album, but it's the one that got me into DH. For reference, the track was Mildred. 
- Young & Hopeless by Good Charlotte. This was the album that when I was a kid, I loved, when I hit my scene kid phase, I still loved it, and I still think it's great. 

I'm going to leave it there, because, that's the main ones. They're the ones that let me down the path to my current music taste. And I owe them albums a lot. 


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