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My Favourite 2010 Albums 10 Years Later, Have They Withstood The Test of Time?

So, I thought why not. 2010 seemed to have some great albums and bands around, and it seemed like a good idea to reflect on the albums a decade later... However, I thought it was going to be easy to find albums I thought highly of that came out that year, and a lot of the albums were 09 and 11. But I did, find a decent list of albums I adore from 2010, and I'm going to talk about some of my top picks from 2010 and if they did withstand the test of time. 

I want to start this post, with my favourite album out of them all, and it's in my opinion, the most legendary album this band has ever released. 

Enemy of The World by Four Year Strong. 

Now, we all know I love Four Year Strong, and they can hit me with a bus and I'll thank them. Now, there is no bad track on this album, and we have the cult classic It Must Really Suck To Be Four Year Strong Right Now. Forever a bop, it was an iconic moment. It was peak FYS. It has a lot of the songs that they still play at the majority of their shows, and it's home to some of their best and most iconic tracks. What The Hell Is A Gigawatt?, One Step At A Time, Find My Way Back. These are iconic tracks, and it's an album I can hand on heart say withstood the test of time. Like you cannot tell me that It Must Really Suck... and Wasting Time. ICONIC. It's not an FYS set without them, so 100%, it held up. It still slaps. 

Black & White by The Maine.

Again, an iconic album. Arguably the best album, I mean Right Girl, Inside Of You, Listen To Your Heart. ICONIC. This was the album that made me love The Maine. This album is still one of the best albums, it was a great album, and it still is. I do think it's withstood the test of time, but I also think since it's release, they've released some equally as great albums. But that's personal opinion. But I do, adore Black & White and I still think it's great! And let's be realistic, Right Girl is one of the most iconic The Maine tracks! So, it's withstood the test of time. Yes.

Hold Me Down by You Me At Six. 

This is one of my favourite YMAS albums, and YMAS is one of my favourite bands. So maybe I'm biased. But, what an album! It's home to two of the most iconic YMAS songs, them being Underdog and Stay With Me. We had the tunes such as Playing The Blame Game, Safer To Hate Her and The Consequence. It was just a classic album, and I still love it and I still rate it as highly, if not even higher than I did back in the day. I'd say it withstood the test of time, I mean imagine YMAS without Underdog, that's like YMAS not having Loverboy! It's just a classic. 

Do Overs and Second Chances by Go Radio. 

Now, I am a massive Mayday fan, and I like Go Radio, however, Do Overs and Second Chances isn't something that I instantly think of when I hear Go Radio, yes I think Goodnight Mood, but that's about the only track that stands out to me off it. Listening to it now, I still have a lot of love and admiration for it, and I still think it's got some great tracks like Letters and Love Notes, It's Not A Trap I Promise, You Hold Your Breath I'll Hold My Liquor. These are tracks I adore by Go Radio, but because Go Radio were inactive for so long, I don't exactly associate this EP with them automatically. As I said, Goodnight Moon is the stand out track on it. I feel like Go Radio are kind of forgotten about. Even when I think of Mayday, I don't instantly think "Oh yeah, Jason went on to form Go Radio" I don't think that, unless I'm listening to early Mayday and it's like "Oh, that's Jason" so I don't know. I wouldn't say it withstood the test of time that well. Other albums definitely held up a lot better. 

You'll be glad to know, that I'm only going to talk about two more. 

Dancing With A Ghost by Valencia. 

This wasn't their stand out album, this album was WAY underrated. Yes, okay it wasn't This Could Be A Possibility, it didn't have 3000 Miles and The Space Between, but it was a solid album! I feel like a lot of people slept on Valencia, and it didn't help that they broke up after this album. This album was a year old and they went on hiatus, so maybe that's why people overlooked it, and in all honesty, I don't think enough people knew music about Valencia from my era of emo and scene kid. This album was incredible, and it didn't withstand the test of time, because people forgot about it, and they forgot about Valencia, but it's an album that deserved better. It deserved lots of love and appreciation. And I still love it, I adore it! It's my favourite Valencia album. The Way was the song that got me through some tough battles when I was younger. It made me feel understood, and I adore it. I really do, and I wish it wasn't forgotten about. 

Masterpiece Theatre by Marianas Trench. 

Now Google says this was 09, but Spotify says 10, and apparently, in Canada, it was 09 but the USA was 10. So, we're going to include it! Now, this wasn't their most well known and appreciated album that would be Ever After. However, we cannot deny that Cross My Heart, Good To You and Celebrity Status are iconic tracks. I don't think it held up as well as Ever After did, but, the key tracks off it did. They're known tracks. Good To You is iconic when it comes to Marianas Trench, and no, it didn't hold up as well as the follow-up album, but I think it still gets some recognition. So take it as you will, do you think it held up well over the years? 

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