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Lemonade by The Mocking Jays

The boys in the band are back! They're back with a new song! A song that's never even been played live, so this has been incredibly exciting for me! I've been waiting for this for so long! To put it into perspective, it's been 319 days since I Can't Be (Without You Love) was released! But, the wait has finally come to an end and we have a new song! So, let's get into this! 

Now, we all know that I would sell whatever I have left of my soul for this band! So by default, I love everything they put out, and we don't talk about my 5 tattoos and the crippling realisation that I want more... so, of course, I have a lot of love and admiration for this (even before hearing it). I knew from the small clip that had been posted on their socials that this song had potential, and I was intrigued by it from the get-go, and I wasn't disappointed. 

I don't know what I was expecting from it, but whatever it was, it wasn't what we received! What we received was so much better than expected! 

Jay's vocals on this track are something else! Like, wow! I can't even put it into words just how incredible this song is! It's honestly a masterpiece, and I'm so incredibly proud of them! It's just such a great song, and it's quite catchy. I'm putting it straight up there with some of their best songs! It's 100% up there in the top 5 for me! I'm completely in love with this song! I really do rate this song! I can't recommend it enough, honestly, if you haven't heard it yet, or you're new to the world of The Mocking Jays then go and give Lemonade some love! 

This really is a flawless song, and it proves that TMJ just keep getting better and better. The sheer talent in this band, Jay, Lewis, Alex, Sam you're all so incredibly talented and I'm so proud of you all. You're all really out here killing it! 

I also love the lyrics to this song, it's honestly such a great song! It's so insanely good, and if I don't listen to anything besides this for the next month I'm not even sorry! 

I seem to be saying this a lot, and it's becoming the rule that a song needs to have depth within the sound, it needs to have something in it, it needs to change and not just be the same throughout, and this song does that! It's got the depth and the change that I desire in a song, and I'm honestly so blown away with this song! I really do love Lemonade! 

Expect this song to be mentioned in the lockdown music awards that's happening in just over a week! 

Honestly, well done boys! You did that, you really did that! Well done! Incredible. 

So, please go take a few minutes to go and show the boys some love and support on Lemonade, and if you're new to the TMJ hype, go check out all their other songs! They're great, I love them so much! 

The important bit, the final verdict! It really is an incredible song, and I love it! I cannot process just how great this song is! You already know what I'm about to give it, and if it shocks you, then I don't know what you expect from me! Overall, Lemonade gets a solid 5 out of 5 lemons! Because, when life gives you lemons make lemonade... I could make a very bad pun there, but I'll spare you that! 

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