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Isley Walton - The Mocking Jays Live Session

So yesterday (Wednesday 1st) The Mocking Jays released a live session of Isley Walton. This is from last May, but we get George content here, and that's a big thing since it's been a year since we last saw George perform with the band. 

It's Isley Walton, so of course, it's going to make you very emotional, and if you're me you're probably in bed crying over it because it's so beautiful. 

I love this song, and I will always love this song. This version of it is just insane. The raw emotion in Jay's voice, and the fact we have Mr George Ramplin on piano... perfection. This was the content we all needed, and it doesn't stop there, because the boys actually have a new song dropping at the end of the month! It's been so long since we had new TMJ content, so to get a new song and this live session is exciting. I am completely in love with this live session, and honestly, it may be the best live session that's been released in lockdown. 

It's an incredible version of the song, and the fact that it's a full band performance makes me even more emotional. I have no idea why, but it's so incredibly beautiful and I cannot process how music this has given me a whole new love for the song. It's just so beautiful, and for it to keep my attention for the 6 minutes it lasts for, says a lot. Honestly, I cannot even put it into words just how beautiful it is, if you thought the original was beautiful, then this is a whole other level of beautiful. 

The only thing I will say is that, like with every other live session I've heard in lockdown, it's making me miss gigs. I miss gigs a lot, and hearing this live session of Isley Walton really has me missing seeing the boys every time there's a weekend Notts gig. I miss it so much, I miss them so much. And this live session just reminds me of that, but it's beautiful and I've missed hearing Jay sing songs. So I'm very happy about this version, even if it is an emotional song, it's beautiful. 

Honestly, go show the boys some love, and go and hear this beautiful version of Isley Walton, and get ready for the new song! 


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