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Evergreen by The Headspace

So this is the first time I've worked with The Headspace, and they actually approached me about 2 weeks ago and well, they're a Notts indie-pop bands, so I was more than willing to give them a listen! 

So today (the 15th of July) they actually released a new song called Evergreen! And I felt honoured to be able to give this a listen beforehand and bring you my review of it! 

From the first 30 seconds, I can already tell you that I love it, I honestly think this is a great song! I went into this track not knowing what to expect, but I am mind blown at how incredible this track is! After two listens, I'm obsessed with it! 

It's such a catchy song, and I've found myself having it stuck in my head since I first heard it. Days go by and I've still got it stuck in my head. It's an incredible track. To actually sit and listen to it, and pick out all the different aspects, it's fascinating. It's exciting. To say that indie-pop is something that is so popular currently, and a lot of songs can sound the same and lack anything interesting, Evergreen isn't that sort of track. Evergreen stands out to me. Yes, of course, it still sounds like other tracks that the likes of The 1975 would put out, but it stands out to me. There's depth to it, and that's super important to me! If a song lacks depth and it isn't catchy or it doesn't change throughout the song, I will lose interest in it, and I won't want to listen to it, and I have stated that about a song by one of my favourite Notts bands before, and I stand by it. It's a personal preference, but I like something that packs a punch and something that if I heard it live I could get into and that I'd want to engage in the crowd with. And, that's exactly what Evergreen does for me. It's great. It really is a great song, and it's exciting! Also, the sax is a really nice touch! 

I've been saying this a lot recently, but bands just keep outdoing one another, and I do think this is one of the best songs to be released recently! It's a song I'd love to hear live, and I really am obsessed with it, I love the lyrics, I love the sound, I love all the different instrumental aspects to it, and overall, I do really rate it. I honestly love it, and I think I've found a new band that I love, so maybe we'll be seeing some more of The Headspace on the blog, who knows. 

I say this about so many Notts bands, but honestly, this track showcases just how talented and incredible the Notts music scene is, so go show them some love! Go listen to this new track on repeat, because I can assure you that's what I've been doing! 

Overall, I have to give it a 5 out of 5 lemons. I am completely in love with this track! It's great, and I suggest you go and check them out! 

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