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Comparing My 2016 Music Taste to My Music Taste Today...

So pretty much, what I'm doing is comparing my 2016 Spotify wrapped thing to the music I listen to today. I want to see how much my music taste has changed over the past 4 years, and I want to see if I still love the same bands or if they really were just a phase. 

So as I said, I'm using my 2016 top songs from Spotify and I'll be also using my 2019 ones for contrast, and also using Obscurify to see what I listen to currently. Pretty much, we're seeing if being emo really was just a phase. I know it wasn't, but I want to see if some bands were. So here we go. 

We are just doing the top 50 comparisons really. But we're doing it in small chunks. 

So my top 5 songs from 2016 were...

1. The Chaser by Twin Atlantic 
2. Trigger by Deaf Havana 
3. Diamond Days by Kids In Glass Houses
4. Something New by Set It Off
5. Monsters by Light You Up

So straight off the bat, The Chaser, still a tune. Still one of my all-time favourite song, even have it tattooed on me now, so I guess I never did leave my Twin Atlantic phase (after 9 years). Trigger by Deaf Havana, I still love this song, still love Deaf Havana, but I'm not as obsessed as I once was. They're still in my top 5 all-time bands, but they're not joint first anymore. Trigger, is still a bop, but I overplayed it to the point where I got sick of it. Diamond Days, I rarely listen to KIGH anymore. If they come on a playlist I'll listen to it, if I'm in the mood but I don't gravitate towards them. Diamond Days is still a great track, but nowhere near as much as I used to think. I also rarely listen to SIO anymore, I still like their music, but I stopped paying attention after Upside Down. Something New is still a great song, and listening to it again, makes me want to listen to them again, and maybe I'll get back into them, but I just stopped paying attention. And then we come to Monsters! Light You Up don't even exist as Light You Up anymore, they're now Holygood! And I work with Holygood a lot and they're lovely and they still make bangers. I still listen to LYU because they're an incredible band and Monsters, Good Days, Brother, All We've Ever Known, and just that entire album is still incredible even though it's now 6 years old! 

Now if we compare that to my 2019 top 5...

1. I Hold Myself In Contempt by Four Year Strong
2. Eating My Words by FYS
3. Go Down In History by FYS
4. It Must Really Suck To Be Four Year Strong Right Now by FYS
5. High Hopes by Panic! at The Disco

And my current top 5...

1. Better Off Before by Holygood
2.Bleed It Out by Linkin Park
3. Catharsis by Downcast
4. Hero by Weezer
5. My Confession by Left Hand Lane

So I still stand by the obsession with FYS and Four Year Strong are actually the band that replaced Deaf Havana for me, I've loved FYS but the past two years I've become a massive fan of them, and currently well, you can tell I love my smaller bands. 

So now let's look at the next 5...


6. Kids by Fatherson
7. Mothertongue by Twin Atlantic
8. All We've Ever Known by Light You Up
9. Spinning Out by Valencia 
10. Just Past The Point of Breaking by Fatherson

I still stand by all of them songs. Valencia are still great, I don't listen to them as much anymore, but I still listen to them a decent amount. I still love Fatherson and have even seen Fatherson live, and I'm still Twin Atlantic trash, and I now work with Holygood so I'll stand by them 5!


6. Filthy by WSTR
7. Bringing Back Old Memories by Don't Forget Rupert
8. Kiss My Neck by The Mocking Jays
9. Hide Everything Sharp by WSTR
10. We All Float Down Here by Four Year Strong


6. Don't Leave Me Now by Stay Free
7. White Lightning by Home Wrecked
8. Keep and Leave Behind by Divided by Friday
9. Crazy by Makeout
10. What A Waste by Divided by Friday

I guess what we see here, is that I love my small bands and pop-punk has consumed by life and when I tell you that I love a small band, I mean it. This is proof that I actually love these bands! 


11. Reckless (live) by You Me At Six
12. The Way by Valencia
13. Parachute by Masketta Fall
14. Open Book by Fatherson
15. Carpe Diem by You Me At Six

I still stand by YMAS, still love them, rank them even higher than I used to, the only band I don't like anymore is Masketta Fall. Parachute is still a bop, but only for nostalgic reasons. 


11. Wasting Time (Eternal Summer) by FYS
12. Silly Me by WSTR
13. Funny Bones by The Mocking Jays
14. Take Your Jacket by Hot Milk
15. Wrecked Em'? Damn Near Killed Em' by FYS

What we learn there is that, I like my angry songs, I love WSTR, FYS and TMJ. And that we always support Hot Milk, I mean Tom Paton used to be in Taking Hayley which is 2012-2014 Grace's era and we always support band members we knew from back in day. 


11. Louder Than Words by Holygood
12. Funny Bones by The Mocking Jays
13. Why Don't You Get A Job? by The Offspring
14. Thinking About Yourself by Bloxx
15. Lie Out Loud y Bloxx

Yeah... I think this comparison just shows that Funny Bones is a bop and over a year later it still is, and you should all listen to it because one of the best TMJ songs! I also used to dislike The Offspring and now I quite like them, and Bloxx are just great. 


16. Pretty Little Distance by As It Is
17. Never Know by Set It Off
18. Shout Out To My Ex by Little Mix
19. Losing Sleep by Valencia 
20. Ex El by Twin Atlantic

I don't listen to As It Is as much as I used to, The Great Depression wasn't my favourite album, it's got some great tracks, but it wasn't the album for me so I just stopped paying as much attention, I still love and support them, I've supported them since 2012, and I'll always support them, but just don't love them as much. Also to 2016 Grace, what was your obsession with Shout Out To My Ex for? It's a catchy song, but you had an easy life in 2016, it all went downhill from there (Cue All Downhill From Here by New Found Glory). Still love Twin as we all know. 


16. Crisis by WSTR
17. Oh No! by Holygood
18. Hollywood by Lewis Capaldi
19. Wipe Yourself Off, Man. You Dead. by Four Year Strong
20. Promiscuous by WSTR 

Yeah, I think it's safe to say that I love WSTR a lot, and also that years later I'd still be listening to Lewis Capaldi (Bruises is on my top 2017 so that's why I say that so not directly related but still).


16. Loch Lomond by Runrig
17. Kill The DJ by Green Day
18. End of The Road by Machine Gun Kelly
19. Do You Know? by Stay Free
20. Richmond by Like Pacific 

I think it's safe to say, my music taste is much more varied now, and I have no shame in hiding the stuff I listen to. If I like it, I'll listen to it. 


21. Honey by Moose Blood
22. An Island by Fatherson
23. Okay by As It Is
24. Undercover Lover by Emma Blackery
25. A Scar To Hide by Twin Atlantic

I can safely say I don't listen to Moose Blood anymore, and I did really like them before, but allegations surfaced and people just cancelled them, and I remember friends telling me I had to stop listening to them, because of it, and I get that, so there's that. I'm not as obsessed with Emma anymore either, I still like her music and listen to it, but my taste just changed over the years. 


21. Medicine by Bring Me The Horizon
22. Timezones by The Half Eight
23. Find My Way Back by Four Year Strong
24. Off The Shoulder by Fast Car To Florence
25. Close To You by The Mocking Jays

Safe to say Notts bands came and really won me over. 


21. Wavelength by Stand Atlantic
22. Kick Me by Sleeping With Sirens
23. Tiny Indoor Fireworks by Biffy Clyro
24. Beautiful Pain by Divided by Friday
25. I'll Be There by Young Culture

Again, I just listen to what I like nowadays. 


26. 7 Years by Twenty One Two
27. Uncontainable by Set It Off 
28. Who Do You Love? by Marianas Trench
29. Gold Elephant :: Cherry Alligator by Twin Atlantic
30. Short Way Home by Lower Than Atlantis 

I still love Twenty One Two's covers, they do some incredible covers and they're insanely talented! We all know I'll still sell my soul for Twin, and I surprisingly do still listen to MT on occasion, but only if I'm in the mood to. They have some incredible tracks. Still love LTA and I miss them a lot! Short Way Home is still one of their best songs! 


26. Fling by WSTR
27. Stolen Credit Card! by Four Year Strong
28. Drunk Like You by The Half Eight
29. Heavy Gloom by The Story So Far
30. Bad To The Bone by WSTR

I feel like this 5 just shows that I really did grow into pop-punk. I liked it before but I liked more pop-punk bands as time went on! And I'm not mad about it. 


26. Amsterdam by Melwood
27. Blur by Seaway
28. Medicine by Artist vs Poet
29. Lorazepam by Asking Alexandria
30. I Miss Having Sex But At Least I Don't Want To Die Anymore by Waterparks

Melwood are an incredible band (go support them!) and again, I listen to what I like without caring about if it's the same genre or not. If it's good, it's good! 


31. Posh Girls by Scouting For Girls
32. Howl by Biffy Clyro
33. Closer by The Chainsmokers
34. Something You Can't See by Green or Blue
35. Hey Mario! by Patent Pending

Scouting are still a band I listen to on occasion for nostalgic reasons, but I don't LOVE them like I did back then. I still love Biffy, and I'll give it to The Chainsmokers, they have some bops. I'd forgotten about Green or Blue, but I'll always stand by Something You Can't See because WHAT A TUNE! The vocals are incredible. Going to have to put Something You Can't See back onto a playlist so I can appreciate the beauty of it all over again. Also still like Patent Pending, I actually like them more now, than I did then. 


31. Gravity by Four Year Strong
32. Tring Quarry by Trash Boat
33. Wilson (Expensive Mistake) by Fall Out Boy
34. The Latest by WSTR
35. Here's To Swimming With Bow Legged Women by Four Year Strong

Yeah, I think what this teaches us is that FYS, TB and WSTR are some of my favourite bands and 2019 was the year they made it to my top 5 bands. 


31. The Dilemma by You Me At Six
32.  If You Can't Hang by Sleeping With Sirens
33. Who Are You Now by Sleeping With Sirens
34. Why Are You Here by Machine Gun Kelly
35. All Due Respect by Asking Alexandria

2016 Grace would never listen MGK, and saying that back then I wasn't loving SWS or AA anymore either. 


36. Sparkly Touch by Twin Atlantic 
37. Elvis Ain't Dead by Scouting For Girls
38. Life Afraid by Set It Off
39. Taking Over Me by Lawson
40. Smiles All Round by Deaf Havana

I will still stand by Sparkly Touch and Smiles All Round and say they are two of the best songs out there still! Lawson I forgot even existed, and again I don't reach for Scouting or SIO anymore.


36. Sick On My Own by Fast Car To Florence
37. Mother Tongue by Bring Me The Horizon
38. Rescue Me by Marshmello ft ADTR
39. Ironic by Four Year Strong
40. Cold Hands by The Mocking Jays

I feel like comparing 2019 to 2016 on those 5 shows a big change. 


36. American Idiot by Green Day
37. Friday Forever by Trophy Eyes
38. Exhale by Rarity
39. Do It Now Remember It Later by Sleeping With Sirens
40. Summer by Real Friends

I didn't actually like Trophy Eyes back in 2016, so I've definitely matured with my taste, but got to stay loyal to some classics like Real Friends and Green Day


41. Apocalyptic Renegade by Twin Atlantic
42. Pastel by Moose Blood
43. Gold by JC Stewart 
44. This Is Halloween by Panic! at The Disco
45. Bad Things by Machine Gun Kelly ft Camila Cabello

Love Twin, we don't talk about Moose Blood, but I used to love Blush. Gold is another track I forgot about, but it's so beautiful and I still think it's a lovely song. Gotta say This Is Halloween is a bop, but The Nightmare Before Christmas is still one of my favourite Disney films. Least there's still some MGK back in 2016, even though Bad Things and the SWS song he featured on were the only songs I liked back then from MGK. 


41. Riddle Me This by WSTR
42. Oh Brother by John Floreani 
43. I'm A Big, Bright, Shining Star by Four Year Strong
44. The Chaser by Twin Atlantic
45. Safety Net by Don't Forget Rupert

The most interesting thing here is that The Chaser was still in my top 50, 3 years later! Still love the song to bits which is very clear to see! 


41. I Can't Be (Without You Love) by The Mocking Jays
42. Lazy Bones by Conflare
43. Dakota by Between You & Me
44. Pacifier by Catfish and The Bottlemen
45. Charm School (Acoustic) by Fatherson


46. Thinking by Against The Current
47. Heart and Soul by Twin Atlantic
48.Lighthouse by Mallory Knox
49. Knuckles by Moose Blood
50. Go Down In History by Four Year Strong


46. Ashtray by WSTR
47. Bada Bing! Wit' A Pipe by Four Year Strong
48. End It Right by The Half Eight
49. Isley Walton by The Mocking Jays
50. I Don't Think I Live There Anymore by Roam


46. 18 by Anarbor 
47. Edge Of Your Knife by The Mocking Jays
48. In Summer by Prime
49. Dunno by Headache 
50. I Don't Need You by Asking Alexandria

I think it's safe to conclude that I've changed a lot over the years. I discovered smaller bands and lots of Notts bands, and they're super talented and they became some of my all-time favourite bands. I grew into my music taste, and being emo and into pop-punk wasn't ever a phase. I think that's safe to conclude. I've found songs on here that I forgot about, songs that I now hate. Four Year Strong became a key band for me, Twin Atlantic are still my number one, and I mean I've met them, I have 5 Twin tattoos. I still love some of the bands, but there's just as many that I forgot existed. I've changed, I love so many bands I used to hate. So yeah, I feel like this was actually quite interesting to do! 

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