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Band Review - Death of Youth

So, I'm going to talk to you about another band today, and we're going to dive into their songs. Today's band is Death of Youth. This band is fronted by one of my Twitter friends and he said to do a review, and because it was Rob, I thought, yeah, why not. So here we are, we're going to talk about Death of Youth, who they are, what they do and have a listen to some of their songs. 

Death of Youth is based in South East London, and they're a melodic hardcore/emo band. 

For Fans Of - Touché Amoré, Departures, Casey, Counterparts, Defeater, State Faults

They have two EP's out for your listening pleasure, and they're pretty good! Now, I think we all know that yes, I do like hardcore, it's in my top 5 genres but it's not my number one, but if I like Death of Youth then it's very possible that you can like them too! 

I prefer the second EP which actually only came out a few months ago (April)  and it's honestly a really good EP, I've enjoyed it since I first heard it and I do think that you should check it out if you're up from some melodic hardcore, and it's actually quite an enjoyable listening experience. I did actually include Death of Youth at the end of one of the posts in the Small Band Struggles series as an artist you should check out, and they've always been a band I've wanted to share with you all, I just never got round to it. 

So, to do this in order the first EP is called Between Chapters. I love the sound on this EP, I think it's a beautiful work of art. And Echoes starts the EP so incredibly well, and it really is insane how good it is! It has a listening time of just over 13 minutes, and it's home to 4 tracks! My top picks off the EP Silhouette and Echoes. 

I think it's got some incredible energy behind it, and it sounds amazing! So, I'm going to rate it a 4 out of 5 lemons. 

The second EP is titled Suburban Dystopia, it's 5 tracks long. A listening time of just under 12 minutes, it's honestly 12 minutes of bliss. The top picks from this EP would be Faded Nostalgia and Cover Feature, although the entire EP is great and the fact that track 5 is titled "You're a Crook, Captain Hook" just does something for me! 

I love this EP, I love the energy, I love the sound, I just think it's great, and I'd probably give it a 4 out of 5 lemons again! 

So if you combine both the EP's you have a listening time of just over 25 minutes, and it's 25 minutes worth spending listening to them! I do highly recommend them, and I think you should go and check them out! 

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