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Album Review: Into The Raging Sea by Broadside

So on Friday Broadside released their third album Into The Raging Sea, now I do like Broadside but I preferred Old Bones to Paradise so I went into this album not knowing if I was going to love it or hate it. I've heard two of the tracks off of the album prior to its release (two of the singles) however, I purposely avoided listening to the third single because I just wanted to appreciate the album as a whole and see if I liked it. 

The album opens with the track The Raging Sea, this was one of the singles, and it was the last single I listened to off of the album, I've said my opinions on this song before, and I did quite like it. It wasn't my favourite but it was still a good song! The main reason I wasn't overly in love with this track was because it was slow, until it got to the end and then it picked up, but the first 2 minutes or so are just too slow for my liking. It's still an alright song though! 

Then we move into Foolish Believer, which this song, is incredible! I absolutely love this song, this song reminded me why I loved Broadside, I still stand by this song and I think it's a super catchy song and I love it! There isn't much more I can say besides it's great and I highly rate it! 

The third track is Overdramatic, and from the first few seconds I knew this was the shit I was here for! This is the sound that I love from Broadside, it's intense and in your face, it's fast-paced, it's loud, it's just such a great song! I love it, and I love the lyrics that accompany it as well! I really do love this track! 

Up next is Nights Alone, and this isn't as in your face as the last track, but it's got a nice beat to it, and it's a good sound to sing along to. It's a song that makes you want to smile and sing along to it, it's a tune! It's a great song! I love it, and it's so upbeat and it's just a generally nice, enjoyable song to listen to! 

Now we transition into Heavenly, which was the last song that was put out before release, and it's heavier than the last track. It's loud, and it's intense. I love this song, and I love the lyrics even more. It's a good song to scream to and a song that would require some aggressive finger pointing! I feel like this could be one of my favourite tracks off of the album. 

Track six is Clarity and we're now halfway through the album. It's a song that I thought was going to be slow, and then it was like oh hell no, enjoy this! It's not fast-paced, but it's loud, and it's got a good beat. I like the build-up and the way it calms down. I love it because it's exciting, and it's change! Hearing this, makes me want to put this one up there with my favourite off of the album! 

After Clarity, we have Dancing On The Ceiling (With You), and I love the sound to this song. I love the beat, it's a great-sounding song. It's a song that makes me want to dance and sing it as loud as possible, it's a song to lose yourself in, and the bridge is something else! I love the lyrics to this song, and I think it's a generally enjoyable song to listen to! 

Track eight and the end seems to be approaching faster than wanted, and we have Seasons. This song is neither slow, not fast. It's a lovely song to listen to, but it doesn't hit the spot for me, I feel like that's down to it not being fast nor slow, and if it was one or the other rather than a middle ground I'd prefer it more. There isn't that much change throughout the song and it just feels almost bland and like it's missing something. I can appreciate the song, but it's not the one for me. 

Three songs left, and now we're at Breathe You In. This is more intense compared to Seasons, and I prefer it. It's louder, and Oliver's vocals are more in your face on this track, it's more anthemic than the last track. I actually quite like this song, I don't love it, but I certainly like it. I think it's a lovely song, and it's decent. 

Second, to last is The Setting Sun and this one is a lot faster than the last few songs, it's nice and loud and in your face. This song is one of the heaviest on the album, and I love that. I like when heavier stronger songs are at the end of an album as well as at the start as I feel like it gives you a good listening experience. I really like this song. 

The last song is Burning at Both Ends, and I wish this was a louder, heavier song. I wish the album ended with a bang, rather than a slower song. It's the shortest track on the album, and I'm left feeling very indifferent about it. This being the last track compliments the fact that The Raging Sea is the opening track, but I wish there was something more to it. 

With the album opening and closing with songs that I'm not in love with, it leaves a bad impression in my mind. There are some great songs on this album, but it's not my favourite Broadside album. It's got some really good songs on the album, but there were still just as many songs that I wasn't in love with. 

I'd rate it a 4 out of 5 lemons. It's not bad, but they've had better albums (in my personal opinon). 


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