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Album Review: All Distortions Are Intentional by Neck Deep

I went into All Distortions Are Intentional with low expectations because the singles we're my favourite, but I was wrong.

The album opens with Sonderland, and oh my gosh! Absolute tune, this is the shit I was expecting from the album and I think it sounds great. I love it, I think it's honestly such a good song. It's just so loud and in your face, and it's the perfect opening track to the album! I am in love with this track! 

Fall is the second track, and the transition between this and Sonderland is great! I didn't love this song originally, but hearing it after Sonderland has made me love it. I'm so shocked at how incredible it is. I'm speechless. I love it. I really do and the way these two tracks work together gives the people that thought Neck Deep were selling out a little bit of faith! 

We then move into Lowlife, which has always been a tune! I've been obsessed with Lowlife since it first came out, and hearing it on the album just gives me a whole new love for it, because it fits into the album so perfectly. Honestly, it's insane and I love it. 

Up next is Telling Stories, and at this point I think this is my favourite song off the album. I love the beat to it, I love the energy. It's the sort of song you could aggressively finger point at. It's so good, I honestly love it. It's just so energetic and it's so in your face! It makes you want to lose your shit. I love the depth in the song, I really do rate this song highly! It's just so good! 

The fifth track is When You Know, and this is one of my least favourites out of all the singles, but hearing it's placement on the album it's actually not as bad as I once thought. It's like the placement of In Bloom on The Peace and The Panic, and it's not bad. It's alright. I still quite like it, and I'll listen to it but it's not the song that's going to be my go-to off the album. 

Track six, halfway through the album, and we have Quarry. This song, from the first few seconds, I didn't think much of it, but when it got about 30 seconds in, I could appreciate it. It's short and sweet, and it's a nice little difference in the album, which makes it stand out. 

Sick Joke is the next song, and this was the last single they released and it was my favourite of all the singles they released for the album. I love the placement on the album, I love the song. I love the energy in it, and it's one of my favourites off of the album. This track is home to one of my favourite lines off the album though, with that being "I'll hold onto a moment like a sad kid to a blanket". 

We then transition to What Took You So Long. This is a lot softer than the previous tracks, but it's the first song on the album to make me cry. I'm an emotional person, but a song really has to hit somewhere to make me cry, and this song does that! It's so sweet and I love it. It's such a beautiful song. I'm in love with it on a whole other level. 

Track nine is Empty House, which again, is softer... but it does pick up for the chorus and then slows back down, which is quite nice, and again, it makes it stand out. It's not my favourite song, but it's got some great lyrics to it, and I love it. I can really appreciate the beauty of it and it hits me deep inside, but in a different place to where What Took You So Long? does. I quite like it. 

Track 10, and the end is nearing and we're at Little Dove. Following in the footsteps of the two previous tracks, it's slower, it's softer. It's beautiful, and I actually quite like it. It's a lot softer, but it's lovely. It's calming to listen to. It's nice. 

The second to last track, and we're forgetting that we had three softer tracks, because we're here with another one of the singles and that's I Revolve (Around You). Again, it's a beautiful song, however, we've got a good beat now, and we're back to being normal paced. We're back to wanting to have a little jam to it. I feel like it's placement on the album works really well, because it's a more lively track, and it's nice that that's one of the last songs on the album, instead of it being for example, Empty House. It keeps your interest. 

The final track on All Distortions Are Intentional is Pushing Daisies, I don't know what I expected from this song, but it certainly wasn't what it is. It's a perfect concluding song. It's a mix of soft and loud. I'm actually quite shocked with this song, because a lot of albums put the weaker songs towards the end, but this is such a good song to end the album on. I really like it, and as I said, it's the perfect mix. The outro absolutely blew my mind, it made me feel like we were about to end a motion picture, or just any performance and I'm honestly, speechless. Neck Deep really did that! 

So, I have a lot of thoughts on this album, and I don't even know how to put them all into words. The album feels like a soundtrack, it starts and ends with such strong songs, and it really does feel like it should be the soundtrack to a film or play or some sort of performance. It's just insane. I didn't expect much from this album, I had such little hopes for it, and I thought I was going to hate it, or at least have no opinion on it, because I thought that it was going to be very unoriginal, but it isn't. I think it's a decent album. It's not my favourite Neck Deep album, but I really do rate it. I love it! 

I'm going to rank the songs off it now, and then I'll give my rating! 

1. Telling Stories
2. What Took You So Long? 
3. Sick Joke
4. Sonderland
5. Pushing Daises 
6. Lowlife
7. Quarry
8. When You Know
9. Fall
10. Empty House
11. I Revolve (Around You)
12. Little Dove

That is purely personal opinon, and you can disagree with me! But that's just how I feel. I will also, probably change my mind in a few weeks! 

Overall, I want to give it a 5 out of 5, but it's missing a little something for me, so I'm going to go with a 4.5 out of 5 lemons. 

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