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The Quick Facts - Why It's So Important To Support Small Bands

So a few months ago, me and the wonderful Jacob Smith of The Mocking Jays did a series called Small Band Struggles. Jay laid down the facts, he explained what a band struggles with and gave us some really interesting information. So I decided, as a bit of a continuation from that, that I'd lay down the facts and give you a few reasons why it's so important to support smaller bands. I want to make it short and sweet, straight to the point, however, if you do wish to read more in-depth about the struggles then just click here and it'll show you the posts we did. 

So here we go, here are the facts. 

- Small bands are the future of music. Your old-time, big bands aren't going to be around forever. Bands have to grow, and they do grow, therefore making your smaller bands the future of music. 

- Small bands have just as much talent as any other band, yes, you do get better with time and more practice, but can guarantee your fave's first release wasn't the same as their latest release, therefore if you'll support your fave's first release, you can support smaller artists. 

- Supporting smaller artists isn't uncool, it isn't shameful. At the end of the day, all music is music. You either like music or you don't. Don't judge a smaller artist just because they aren't widely known.

- One day, when a band makes it big, and you've heard of them, you're going to wish you were there at the start. You're going to wish that you were at the gigs when they were playing to 4 people, their first headline show at an iconic venue, you're going to want to own them first items of merch. You're going to want that, and that's why it's really important to support small bands so you can help them grow. 

- Smaller artists invest so much money into their music. Small bands don't get megabucks for their music. They invest their own money into production, recording, merch, music videos, all of that has to be paid for out of their own pocket. 

- They're literally fighting with the big artists for fans. Small bands have to work so much harder for their fans because people seem to have a stubborn mindset, they don't have a well-known reputation, they have a reputation in local scenes. Listen to them and let them blow your mind! 

I could give you a lot more, but the Small Band Struggles series explains it better than I do! So please, go and support your local scene, support small bands from all over! Support bands from different countries, different county's, support bands that live 10 hours away! 

I have put together a Spotify playlist of the small bands that came to mind when I wrote this post. I will most likely add more in time, but if you want to get a head start, then here's some the link! Go check it out. Support the bands I've put on there, and see if you find a small band that you can become obsessed with! 

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