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The Notts Bands You Need To Support...

So we all know I work with a lot of different Notts bands because Notts is my city. So I know quite a few Notts bands, and I've seen even more live, so it's only fair that I bring to you some of my top picks from Notts, the Notts bands that you need to support because they're insanely talented and I won't stop hyping them. I have another post coming tomorrow where I talk about the bands outside of Notts that you should stop sleeping on, so stay tuned for that. Also, just because these are Notts based bands doesn't mean that you can't listen to them if you're not from Notts! Bands have to grow some how! So here is a list, of the Notts bands I want you to stop sleeping on. This won't be all of them, because frankly, I'd be here all day if I told you them all, but I will mention as many as I can even if it's not as detailed as some! 

The Mocking Jays - 

Did you really think I could write this and not mention the boys in the band? We all know that TMJ are one of my all-time favourite bands and I will happily sell my soul for this band. I cannot even explain how much this band means to me, I have 5 tattoos for this band. I have seen them live like 14 (I think) times, I've had KMN dedicated to me three times and ICBWYL once. It's a known fact that I love this band more than most people assume. I force everyone I'm friends with to listen to them because if you can't support my friends I don't want to know. For the past 2 and a bit years I have loved this band more than most people would, so when I say that you need to listen to them, I mean it. Go and listen to them if you haven't already, see why I love them as much as I do. 

Top Picks - I Can't Be (Without Your Love), Kiss My Neck, Funny Bones and Cold Hands (because that song deserves better than the boys give it). 

Distant Blue - 

Again, if you didn't expect them to be on this post then I don't know what to tell you. I am so proud of them because tell me what song they have that's shit, you can't, because they have no bad songs! I would also sell my soul for this band because they're incredible. It doesn't matter what song you listen to, because you're going to be impressed. They're also incredible live, and yes I do want a Distant Blue tattoo don't judge me. Honestly, they're one of my favourite bands I've ever worked with, and they're the nicest set of lads. I cannot even explain how lovely they are, miss seeing them at shows. Honestly, they're one of the best bands, and I cannot encourage you enough to go and check them out and show them loads of love and support! 

Top Picks - Whatever Makes You Feel Safe, Opiate and Come and Join The Party 

Left Hand Lane - 

Left Hand Lane is another solid Notts bands, and their latest track My Confession is still in my top 5 most listened to currently. Still obsessed with it, it's such an incredible track and if you haven't heard it yet I suggest you go and listen to it! They're super talented, and I can safely say that they seem like lovely people but I've only held conversations with Pearce but he's lovely! So 100% would recommend them! 

Top Picks - They only have two tracks out so My Confession and Skank

Embxrs - 

I featured Embxrs on the blog, yesterday since they'd released 3 different lockdown sessions, and honestly, they're incredibly talented and they deserve some love and support, because they're just starting off as the band, and they're super talented. Honestly, I would really recommend them to you! 

Top Picks - They only have the three lockdown sessions, so go check out the covers! 

Near Mrs - 

Another incredible band! Had the pleasure of seeing them live and they're great live. I loved seeing them live and I would highly recommend them to you! I reviewed their last single when it came out a few months ago, and I rated it highly, so go show them some love and support because they're a band more people need to hype! 

Top Picks - again, they only have three tracks out so She Goes, Catch of The Day and That Much I Know 

Don't Forget Rupert - 

Now DFR is going through a bit of a rejig let's say that. If you keep up with the Notts scene then you'll probably know what I mean. But yeah, Don't Forget Rupert as we knew them doesn't exist. But Ben did say he has a new lineup and everything, and this isn't the end of the road, but stay tuned to find out what that is. But I have to mention them because I do have Long Time Coming tattooed on me. 

Top Picks - Long Time Coming, Bringing Back Old Memories and Get Fucked 

There are plenty more great Notts bands and I would tell you about them all, but I simply don't want to make this post any longer, because it's a big, one but Embxrs are great, I did review their two covers the other day, I'm excited to see what comes next with them, so make sure to check out their covers, Kid Amelia were incredible live when I saw them in October, there's Black Cats and Magpies, Deco, The Half Eight are no longer as they were, but Charlie is putting out covers currently, so check them out. There's so many great Notts bands, but yeah support them!  


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