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Single Review: Closing Time by Sam Christmas

So, the wonderful Sam Christmas has released his first solo track. For those of you who are unaware as to who exactly Sam Christmas is and why I'm so excited by this, Sam fronted the band Best of Enemies who really were the start of it all for me. So, I was really excited that he was releasing solo music, and his first track is now out for your listening pleasure! 

Closing Time is a folk-pop song, and it's incredible! This is such a beautiful track, and I am so proud of Sam. This is such a lovely song, it's a warm song. It gives the same sort of feeling as drinking a mug of tea on a rainy day. It's beautiful. 

Sam has such a nice voice, and this track really does showcase that. It shows off the talent that he has, so if you could all take this as your time to go and support him, I'd appreciate that! 

Honestly, Closing Time probably seems like the sort of song I wouldn't fall in love with if you were just judging me on being a big emo and not leaving my emo phase, but honestly, absolutely in love with Closing Time. It is one of the best songs I've heard recently (I seem to be saying that about a lot of releases but musicians just keep upping the bar). It's beautiful, it feels so comforting, and honestly, I cannot recommend this song enough. It's a masterpiece, and I had high hopes for the track because it's Sam, but he's exceeded my expectations. It's calming, and I like that. I may be a sucker for a good breakdown but, sometimes you just want something to calm you, and Closing Time gives me that effect. 

Please, go and listen to it. It's incredible, it really is one of the best songs I've heard in a while. Well done Sam. 

You all know what I'm about to give this, but 5 out of 5 lemons of course! It really did exceed all my expectations and I'm obsessed with it. It's going to be on repeat for a while! Although, I think I've already listened to it about 50 times! 

Where to Find Sam Christmas: 


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