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Album Review: Forever and Ever x Infinity by New Found Glory


So New Found Glory released their 10th studio album last Friday. The album is titled Forever and Ever x Infinity, and it's actually a great album. I love NFG, and after the singles, I had high hopes for this album. It didn't disappoint! 

So let's go through the album and talk about it!

The album is 15 tracks longs but doesn't have an overly long listening time (just under 50 minutes)

The album opens with Shook By Your Shaved Head, which since they released this as a single, I've loved it. It's super catchy, and it's quite energetic. It's a great track and it sets the bar high for the rest of the album, but yeah, it's a great track, love it. 

The second track is Greatest of All Time which was the first single they released for the album, and since it's release I've been obsessed with it. Again, energetic and super catchy, one of my favourite tracks on the album. It's a fast-paced track and I've had it stuck in my head so many times! It's a great song, it slaps so hard. 

The next track is Double Chin For The Win, and again, it's another solid track. It's fast, it's loud, it's full of energy and the lyrics are great. I want to say it's a stand out track, but the entire album is a stand out album. It's one of my favourite NFG albums. I love this track, and I don't even want to know how many times I've listened to it. 

Track four is Nothing To Say, which again was one of the singles for the album. Can we just appreciate the line "You're so see-through might as well be a window" because yes, thank you. Didn't know I needed that line in my life until it was in my life. It's such a great track, it's catchy, it's fast. It packs a punch. 

Track five is Stay Awhile, which is actually one of the longer songs on the album. It's a cute song, without sounding like a generic cute song. It's still fast, it's still packing a punch. It's still catchy. It's the classic NFG sound, so even if you don't pay attention to the lyrics so much, it doesn't feel like you're listening to an overly cute song. 

Track six is Himalaya which was the last of the singles. This is one of the heaviest songs on this album, it's not that the vocals are heavy, it's just the sound. It's heavier than the rest of the album. It's fast, it's loud, it's on that more punk side of pop-punk, and it's such a great track. It's an incredible track and I love it.

Track seven brings us to Same Side Sitters, this track has such a good transition from Himalaya, but this song is again quite cute. The lyrics are very cute and love orientated, but again like Stay Awhile, it doesn't sound like you're listening to a cute romantic song. It's got its pop-punk twist on it, and I love it! 

Up next is Like I Never Existed, and all I have to say is did they have to go that hard? This song is one of the biggest moods I've heard in a while. The lyrics are out of this world, and honestly, WHAT A TUNE! Love, love, love this one! 

Track nine is More and More. This is the second-longest track on the album, and it's a lot more slowed down compared to the other tracks. It's soft, it's beautiful. This is a very classic love song, and it's adorable. The bridge is when it becomes a pop-punk song, and we go from being soft to being a classic NFG song, and it's what you expect, but it just appears and you're like "Yup, this is it" It's still slow, but it's where everything gets louder. It's such a beautiful track and the perfect contrast to the rest of the album. 

Track ten graces us with the existence of Do You Want To Settle Down? this is where it gets loud and we're forgetting about the slowed-down previous track. This song is again a big mood. This was a song that came to attack me, I love it though! It's great, it's fast, the lyrics are something I find myself relating to even if I don't want to admit it. 

We then move onto The Way You Deserve, it's both very classic pop-punk whilst also being on the heavier side. Not as heavy as Himalaya but it's got the elements to be heavier in it. What a song, it's incredible. It's one of my favourite tracks on the album, and I love it. The lyrics are great, the sound is more than I expected. 

Track twelve is Trophy, and I think I actually prefer this track to Greatest of All Time. It's fast, it packs a punch, it's super catchy. I love it. I think Trophy is my stand out track on the album. It's really just that good, it's insanely good. It's a song I'd love to hear live, honestly such a mindblowing track! 

Coming up the end of the album, track thirteen is Scarier Than Jason Vorhees At A Campfire. Jordan's vocals in this track are great, and it's quite a catchy song. It's not dissimilar to a lot of the tracks on this album, but it's a good song. It's got some decent lyrics to accompany it. 

Second, to last is Birthday Song But Not Really, and this one has a slight edge compared to to a lot of the songs on the album. It's got some depth to the track. It has a few little bits in the track that make it stand out, and makes it not just sound like the same song on repeat. 

The last track is the longest on the album, and that's Slipping Away. It's not as loud, it's not as in your face as the other tracks. It's not acoustic, but it's a lot softer. It's still got depth to it, and it's a nice way to end the album. It's the perfect end track. However, it's not a happy song. It's sad, but not extremely sad, we don't have a Mayday Parade track over here, but it's sad to an extent. The bridge is a pleasant surprise and it's a generally enjoyable song to listen to. 

So overall, it is a great album, and I'll put it up there with the best NFG albums. In a world where the old normal doesn't exist, it's nice to know that the one continuous normality comes with albums. It isn't a sellout album, it's a very much true pop-punk album. You have a great mix of more love orientated tracks, sad songs, classic pop-punk songs. It's a good album, and I do enjoy it a lot! 
I'll rate it a 5 out of 5 lemons, there are some tracks that I'm not obsessed with, but it's very mood dependant. They'll be times when I'm obsessed with them tracks, but I will say my stand out track is Trophy! I cannot explain how much I love that track. 

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