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The Quick Facts - Why It's So Important To Support Small Bands

So a few months ago, me and the wonderful Jacob Smith of The Mocking Jays did a series called Small Band Struggles. Jay laid down the facts, he explained what a band struggles with and gave us some really interesting information. So I decided, as a bit of a continuation from that, that I'd lay down the facts and give you a few reasons why it's so important to support smaller bands. I want to make it short and sweet, straight to the point, however, if you do wish to read more in-depth about the struggles then just click here and it'll show you the posts we did.  So here we go, here are the facts.  - Small bands are the future of music. Your old-time, big bands aren't going to be around forever. Bands have to grow, and they do grow, therefore making your smaller bands the future of music.  - Small bands have just as much talent as any other band, yes, you do get better with time and more practice, but can guarantee your fave's first release wasn't the same as the

Single Review: Breathe by Knuckle Puck

So Knuckle Puck released a new song just under two weeks ago, and it featured Derek Sanders. I love Knuckle Puck and I love Derek (frontman of Mayday Parade if you're unfamiliar) so I had super high hopes, so the question is did Breathe meet my expectations or not?  I like it, it's not doing the same thing that Tune You Out did for me, however. I like it quite a lot. It's still very much pop-punk, on the softer side without being anything less than pop-punk. I like the lyrics, I think there are some really nice lines in this track, one of my favourite lines that comes from this track is "when all you need is just beyond your reach, just don't forget to breathe" that's such a nice line. It's a comforting line, and I am a sucker for a nice comforting set of lyrics. I do love lyrics to be a comfort blanket, because, it gives you that connection to a track. No matter what that connection is, it's an amazing feeling to have that connection with music, a

Week Three: What I'm Listening To...

Here comes the third instalment of the weekly what I'm listening to, and it also rounds up the first week of daily posting! But don't worry, we've got weeks more content lined up! Believe me, if you saw my drafts and scheduled sections you'd be shocked that I've got all these ideas. I have a massive note on my phone of what I'm putting up when what I'm including in posts and everything! I'm being very organised with all of this!   So I'm going to be looking at my Obscurify and also, just stating the songs I know have been on repeat!  Bands I'm Currently Loving;  - Nautical Mile - Holygood - New Found Glory - The Mocking Jays - WSTR - Trophy Eyes - The Story So Far - Knuckle Puck  In short, very pop-punk heavy this week, just give me all the pop-punk!  Albums I'm Currently Loving;  - Identity Crisis by WSTR - Forever and Ever x Infinity by New Found Glory - The Only Way Is Through by Nautical Mile - The Story So Far's live album - Copaceti

The Bands I Need You To Stop Sleeping On...

So, I thought I'd do a list of the bands I need you to stop sleeping on, this follows on from yesterdays posts about the Notts bands you need to support, but because I did my Notts bands I thought it was only fair I do my favourite smaller bands that aren't from Notts, so here it goes!  Note to readers - Please support your smaller bands, if you like a small band, tell the world about it. Don't be ashamed because they aren't a big band, they can't become a big band without your support.  Note to bands - I love you, and if you're in one of the bands in this post, please check out the other bands if you don't know who they are, support your fellow small bands! Tell your fans about the small bands you love!  Downcast -  Downcast are from Bristol and they are such an incredible pop-punk band, the sheer talent in that band! I cannot recommend Downcast enough, I love this band so much and they deserve so much love and support. They have one of my favourite songs t

The Notts Bands You Need To Support...

So we all know I work with a lot of different Notts bands because Notts is my city. So I know quite a few Notts bands, and I've seen even more live, so it's only fair that I bring to you some of my top picks from Notts, the Notts bands that you need to support because they're insanely talented and I won't stop hyping them. I have another post coming tomorrow where I talk about the bands outside of Notts that you should stop sleeping on, so stay tuned for that. Also, just because these are Notts based bands doesn't mean that you can't listen to them if you're not from Notts! Bands have to grow some how! So here is a list, of the Notts bands I want you to stop sleeping on. This won't be all of them, because frankly, I'd be here all day if I told you them all, but I will mention as many as I can even if it's not as detailed as some!  The Mocking Jays -  Did you really think I could write this and not mention the boys in the band? We all know that TM

The Lockdown Sessions by Embxrs

 So I haven't mentioned Embxrs yet, but here I am telling you about Embxrs. So they're an alt rock/pop band from Notts, they consist of Abi who's the lead singer, Ebony who is the bassist, Lou who is the drummer and Lewis who is the guitarist. Lou and Lewis were in Don't Forget Rupert so that's how I came to discover them, and they've released some Lockdown Sessions, so essentially they covered some songs during lockdown, and they've released a cover of Level Of Concern by Twenty One Pilots, a cover of Fall by Neck Deep and a cover of I Think I'm Okay by Machine Gun Kelly, I love all of these tracks, and if you know me you know I Think I'm Okay is one of my all time favourite tracks and it's my 5th most listened to of all time, so I thought why not review them? Spoiler alert, they're amazing. Abi, your voice is beautiful, Ebony, Lewis, Lou, you are all incredibly talented and I'm so proud of you all, I will continue to support you.  So th

Album Review: Forever and Ever x Infinity by New Found Glory

  So New Found Glory released their 10th studio album last Friday. The album is titled Forever and Ever x Infinity, and it's actually a great album. I love NFG, and after the singles, I had high hopes for this album. It didn't disappoint!  So let's go through the album and talk about it! The album is 15 tracks longs but doesn't have an overly long listening time (just under 50 minutes) The album opens with Shook By Your Shaved Head, which since they released this as a single, I've loved it. It's super catchy, and it's quite energetic. It's a great track and it sets the bar high for the rest of the album, but yeah, it's a great track, love it.  The second track is Greatest of All Time which was the first single they released for the album, and since it's release I've been obsessed with it. Again, energetic and super catchy, one of my favourite tracks on the album. It's a fast-paced track and I've had it stuck in my head so many times!

Single Review: I.D.F.I.A by Fast Car To Florence

Fast Car released their latest track technically just over a week ago but it only hit streaming platforms on Friday. It's a short and sweet track with a listening time of less than 2 and a half minutes so a really easy one for you to give a listen to! However, don't let the length deter you as this is the stand out track from the new era of Fast Car. It's loud, it's in your face, it's punk, and it's great! It's my favourite track from the new era.  It's a song that you want to listen to on full blast, it isn't a song you can listen to quietly, it's a loud track, it's powerful, it's anthemic. This song is a banger, and to say the song is I Don't Feel It Anymore, I'm certainly feeling this song and this sound! I'm 100% here for this sound! I absolutely love it and Fast Car are out here proving that they are one of the best up and coming bands on the scene currently!  If you haven't listened to Fast Car yet, let this be the s

Single Review: Better Off Before by Holygood

I'm writing this as I do my first listen, and I just want to say that I am crying because this is such a beautiful track and I love Holygood so much! I can't believe Holygood really did that! They did that! I am so incredibly proud of this band. The amount this band has grown, they grew from Light You Up into Holygood and they're really out here making songs to scream and cry to, and I love this band with every ounce of my being!  So this is the most beautiful song they've ever released even as LYU, nothing tops this track! I am so emotional over this song, and I haven't cried like this to a song since Isley Walton came out and that was over a year ago. Better Off Before is the song that's really tugging at my heartstrings and that's going to make me cry every time I hear it.  I just want to say, that this is probably going to be my song of the year because this song is something else. Even after half an hour, I am still crying over this song, so that says s

Week Two: What I'm Listening To...

I said I was making this weekly and I am! Also, would like to announce that next week Monday to Friday I will be uploading every day! Absolutely shocking but I've got a few things I want to review so make sure you stay tuned for that!  Bands I'm Loving Currently:  - Hot Mulligan - The Story So Far - State Champs - Twin Atlantic  - All Time Low - WSTR - New Found Glory - Real Friends Albums I'm  Loving Currently:  - You'll Be Fine by Hot Mulligan - Around The World and Back by State Champs - The Finer Things by State Champs - Identity Crisis by State Champs - Wake Up, Sunshine by All Time Low - Nothing Personal by All Time Low  - Free by Twin Atlantic  - The Story So Far by The Story So Far - Makes Me Sick by New Found Glory (Gotta get myself ready for the new album dropping at midnight!) Songs I'm Loving Currently:  - Prepared To Be Noticed by State Champs  - Shape Up by State Champs  - Hurry Up and Wait by State Champs - Cut Through The Static by State Champs  - Sa

What I'm Listening To...

I decided that I'm going to do this every week probably will fail at doing it every week but that's the aim! It'll be posted on whatever day I decide to post it (at a later date I may give it an official day of the week, but this is just a trial) and I'll post at whatever time I decide to. So if you wish to keep in the loop make sure you follow my blog and you follow my socials!  So I want to talk about the bands I'm loving, the songs I'm loving and the albums I'm loving. Not necessarily new releases, some will be, some won't be, it's just what I'm listening to a lot!  So here we go!  Bands I'm Loving:  Currently, I'm really loving Green Day, The Mocking Jays, Trophy Eyes, Downcast, Stay Free, Seaway and Biffy Clyro. A lot of them are bands I've loved for a long time! But they're the bands I'm finding myself listening to repeatedly currently!  Albums I'm Loving:  So, some of the albums that are on repeat for me currently a

New In Music... Well, Kind Of...

So this is pretty much just the releases that have came out in the past two months, there were on my radar but I forgot to review, life's been hectic recently, but I'm catching up, so here we go, enjoy this multi band review!  So here we go!  Downcast:  Downcast are a band I said I'd review for ages now but something else always crops up so I haven't been able to! But here we go!  Downcast released Catharsis just over two months ago! What a tune honestly! It's such a bop, and this is what I'd class as a perfect song! Downcast are just one of them bands I can't point fault in, because they're just that good! They release banger after banger! They really are a band that deserves all the love and support in the world! So Catharsis is one of my favourite songs to be released this year, it's in the top 5. It'd take a lot for me to rank it lower, and it's my favourite track I'm going to mention here. I absolutely adore the track, the lyrics are