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New In Music: Asking Alexandria, Broadside, Holygood

So hello, yes, I have returned! I'm back for another post finally! But during this pandemic not that much music has been coming out, so things have been a bit dry, however, the past few weeks quite a few things have dropped! So we're going to sit down and talk about them all! 

Asking Alexandria: 

So Asking Alexandria released their new album just over a week ago, and I was so excited about it because it's AA. Over the past few months, I've fallen back in love with AA so Like A House On Fire was perfect timing for me and boy! I have a lot of feelings about this album. I was quite happy to see an album be released of this length, it's got 15 tracks and that's refreshing to see because a lot of albums tend to be around 12 tracks, and as long as the songs are decent I will always welcome longer albums! 

The album opens with the title track House On Fire. This is not my favourite track off the album in no way, however, it's a great introductory song, it sets the tone for the rest of the album. It's the perfect warm-up song, it serves it's a purpose and gives you a taste of what's to come. 

The next track, however, is They Don't Want What They Want (And They Don't Care) and this track was one of the songs that made me excited about the album when it was released as a single. It makes up for what House on Fire lacks, it builds on the foundations the previous track laid out and raises your expectations for the album. It's a song that excites me and makes me happy! It's the song that could see an arena full of people screaming their lungs out. 

We transition into Down To Hell, this again builds on the last track, and the fast-paced lyrics, along with the energetic sound leaves you wanting more. Plus, this track features a breakdown which is such a nice touch, because it wouldn't be a great Asking album without some breakdowns would it? It's an incredible track that has the right sound to take you back to previous Asking albums and leave you feeling nostalgic.

Up next is Antisocialist, which WHAT A TRACK! It's not as loud, it's not as aggressive, but it's great! It's solid! It's got it's high impact chorus that will be stuck in your head and an incredible set of lyrics. It's another song that when released made me excited for the album, and it shows that the album has a verity, that the album isn't the same track over and over again for an hour. 

Track five is I Don't Need You this is a lot softer of a track but it's beautiful, it's comforting, it's that one soft, comforting song with no screaming, but slightly coarse vocals from Danny but that's nothing new really. It's calming, it's that one track on the album that stands out because it isn't like the rest, yet you still love because of the difference. 

Track six, is All Due Respect, which is another banger. It's an album full of bangers It's dark and it hits places and there's a lot of emotion within the track, and it doesn't take a genius to figure that out. But it's great, it's powerful, but it isn't overly heavy which is nice to have the balance within the album because yes, it sounds like AA but it's not intense, there are no rough vocals. But it's a beautiful track. 

Track seven is Take Some Time, which is a bit heavier than the last with the sound but it's still not heavy AA, it's not much different to the likes of Degenerates and Mindreader by ADTR. It's the sort of track a lot of 80s hard rock bands would have put out, it's not intimidating, it's not scary, it's just great. Not my favourite track, but it's great. It's not bad, it really isn't. 

One Turns to None is up next, and this one is a banger. Absolute adore this track. This is a heavier track compared to the last few, it's intense, it's great. Still isn't the heaviest track on the album, but it's incredible, and the lyrics! 

Following on from that is It's Not Me (It's You) which again, legendary track! This is similar in sound to One Turns to None, but it's faster. I love the lyrics to it, it's a really big fuck you sort of track. It's an anthem, it's a standout song to me off Like A House On Fire. 100% banger. It slaps so hard! 

Next is Here's To Starting Over, it's great, it's not as heavy as the last two tracks, but it's still heavier, and its placement on the album is great because it follows on from It's Not Me and that's the shit that I'm here for. This is a great track, and I love the lyrics that accompany the track! 

What's Gonna Be follows on, and it's fast, it's got a decent sound to it, it's on the heavier sound without screaming, but it's great. It slaps, it's a perfect song to engage a crowd. I love the lyrics, it says a lot about the track and where it came from, and it's an amazing track. The chorus could fill a room with the level of power it radiates. 

Nearing the end we have, Give You Up. A heavier song on the album, probably about as heavy as Antisocialist. It's an anthem. It really is anthem level. It's powerful, it shows the true beauty of Like A House On Fire and shows that even as AA are maturing, their sound is still here, and they're still a legendary rock band. 

Third, to last is In My Blood, it's slower, it's not as heavy and fast-paced, but it is still heavy with its sound so don't worry about that, it isn't a song that is just tagged to the end of an album to make it longer, it's a good song, it isn't my favourite off the album but it doesn't follow the trend where weaker songs are at the end because this is in no means a weak track. It's powerful. It's still a banger. 

Second, to last is one of the singles which is The Violence. Always liked this song, it's one of the heaviest on the album and it's great. This is one of them tracks that proves AA are still out here slaying and releasing bangers. The chorus proves that even though AA are maturing their sound is iconic and is here to stay. Absolute banger, love it. So much depth in the track. 

Now the last track, my favourite track off the album. Lorazepam. This song hits me in places, and the line "Feed me lorazepam" is a big mood, honestly, it's a great song. It's not the happiest but I don't think a song named after a benzodiazepine can be a happy song, because benzos aren't happy pills. But it's great, I adore the sound of the song and the depth and the lyrics, just, it's a good "Fuck you, I've got issues" song. 

Overall, the album is a solid 4.7 out of 5. It still hasn't outdone my favourite AA album, but it's still great. And it still hits the spot, and it's a solid album. The 15 tracks are worth it, I will hand on heart say that I don't think it's too long, I think it's the perfect length for the album. I do highly rate the album. 


Oh hell yeah! The Raging Sea is a banger from the get-go, it's not as fast-paced as Foolish Believer, but it's still great. It shows how much their sound is maturing and just how much they're improving with their skills, it proves that Broadside doesn't need to be releasing Coffee Talk 100 times for people to be impressed, and the range of Oliver's vocals in this track is out of this world! Broadside are proving why they are one of the best bands out there. There's a moment in the song where you think it's about to be a Four Year Strong track and then it's like "ha just kidding" and that's great because it's more exciting than hearing a breakdown, I love a good breakdown as much as the next person but it's just refreshing. The song absolutely slaps and it's great! 

Overall a solid 4.5 out of 5. 


My boys are back! It's been over a year since the release of Darling and considering I've been following this band since they were Light You Up, every release they put out makes me so excited! Animal is a solid tune, but what did I expect from Holygood? I expect nothing less than bangers at this point! Such a solid track, so I was thinking that it's going to be softer like Darling, but boy was I wrong. It gives me so many emotions because it's so soft one minute and then suddenly it's Monsters (Light You Up), and it's mind-blowing at the pure talent this band has. They can't make a bad track, and I really can't wait for them to release some more music, because if Animal is anything to go off, then Holygood are here to come and rise to the top. They're here to dominate their scene, they're a band that has so much potential to go places, and if there's one band you go and listen to off my recommendation, make sure that for this post that it's Holygood. Don't wait because Animal will blow your mind! Go and listen to this track until the world is annoyed at its existence. It's such a solid track and I'm so excited to see what they release next, just don't make us wait another year, please. They're a band that I would recommend strongly, so please, go show them some love and support and let the world know about them and their incredible talent! 

Overall a solid 5 out of 5, my mind is completely blown by this bands talent! 

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