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Single Review: My Confession by Left Hand Lane

We have new Left Hand Lane and I actually love this track! It's called My Confession, and it's such a tune! Last year they released Skank which was good, but My Confession is next level. It's catchy, it's got a great rhythm to it, it's got some great lyrics to accompany it. It's a phenomenal track, and I'm so blown away with the pure talent LHL have. It showcases their true potential and what they're capable of.  I didn't expect to love this song as much as I do, and I'm honestly so proud of LHL because they're a Notts band and I have a lot of pride for the local music scene. This song proves that Notts bands have an insane amount of talent. It's also great that music is still being released during lockdown, because a lot of gigs and albums have been pushed back, so any new music I'll happily accept.  Left Hand Lane, have proved that they deserve to be up there with some of the best Notts bands and that they have an insane amount of t

New In Music: Asking Alexandria, Broadside, Holygood

So hello, yes, I have returned! I'm back for another post finally! But during this pandemic not that much music has been coming out, so things have been a bit dry, however, the past few weeks quite a few things have dropped! So we're going to sit down and talk about them all!  Asking Alexandria:  So Asking Alexandria released their new album just over a week ago, and I was so excited about it because it's AA. Over the past few months, I've fallen back in love with AA so Like A House On Fire was perfect timing for me and boy! I have a lot of feelings about this album. I was quite happy to see an album be released of this length, it's got 15 tracks and that's refreshing to see because a lot of albums tend to be around 12 tracks, and as long as the songs are decent I will always welcome longer albums!  The album opens with the title track House On Fire. This is not my favourite track off the album in no way, however, it's a great introductory song, it sets the

Small Band Struggles with Jay: Communication and Community

Welcome back to the final instalment of this mini-series. Thank you very much to anybody who has taken the time out of their schedules to give these pieces a read, as I’ve mentioned on the previous volumes, it’s hugely appreciated, these  took  much more time and thought than I first anticipated ! But it’s been fun.  Thanks again to the wonderful Grace for allowing my input. Let’s jump right into our final topic.  Communication and Community  One night many years ago, after a show in Nottingham at The Bodega (I believe), myself and Sam were walking across town about 30-45 minutes after the show to fetch the vehicles to drive round and load up ou r  gear  back at the venue . It’s rare we ever don’t drive ourselves to a gig so local , for the sake of costs . Whilst coming up to the Nottingham square, not too far from a Primark outlet we were approached by two, similarly aged females. They quickly made it clear they were at the show, and thankfully enjoyed it. It wasn’t unco

EP Review: Brighter Roads by Seasonal

I'm so excited to be writing this post because Seasonal are one of my favourite bands currently.  The EP opens with Damage which is such a great opening track. I feel like you can always judge the excellence of an EP or Album with the opening track and Damage hits the spot! It's got an incredible set of lyrics and it kicks the EP off in the right way, it's such a beautiful, loud track and it does leave you wanting more. The second track is Roads, which is a little more pop-punk and angsty sounding than Damage, but boy does it slap! It's again got some incredible lyrics. It's loud, it's a song that could easily entertain a crowd. It's a song that you wan t to have a bit of a mosh pit to, and scream and just live your best life at a gig hearing it.  They don't have a bad song and this new EP is no different. It slaps! So let's talk about these tracks!  The third track is St Luke's. I think this song is my favourite off the EP, it just ki