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New In Notts: Fast Car to Florence and Near Mrs

So, we're back with a new in Notts post, since both Fast Car To Florence and Near Mrs have blessed our ears once again.

Fast Car To Florence 

Cry isn't officially released until Friday (28th February 2020) however, it is up on YouTube if you want to listen early, and I'm trying to keep on top of all these blog posts, so we're going to be talking about it today.

So this is officially the start of the new era of Fast Car To Florence, but I still love this band so much! And we shall continue to support FCTF here until either this blog ends or the band does because they were the first Notts band I worked with, and it's because of them that I found all these other bands I work with now, so thank you Fast Car for making my dreams more of a reality.

So, this isn't a whole new song, there's no adjustment needed. It's like Address The World but better. This is honestly such an incredible song, and from the first few seconds, I knew I was going to love it. Isaac has such a beautiful voice and I say that every time it comes to FCTF or his solo music, but he does. This song is actually quite upbeat like a lot of FCTF songs, but it's catchy, it's going to be stuck in your head and you're not going to be angry about it. You're going to be thankful it's so catchy. It's going to be stuck in your head for the next week, and honestly, it's just such a good song. It flows well, it doesn't sound out of place. It sounds like a piece of art, and that's what it is, Cry is a piece of art.

Isaac stated about how this song is about the human connection to music, and it is honestly such a relatable song. I'm someone that struggles to express how their feeling so I normally explain it with songs, and it does perfectly summarise the relationship we have with music. It's a song that is meant to relatable and because of that, it's beautiful. It's a song that I feel like the industry lacks, a lot of songs talk about personal struggles, but not many talk about music and the relationship we as people have with it, and in that retrospect, it's similar to This Song Saved My Life by Simple Plan for that point alone. Music is the soundtrack of our lives, and I can think of many moments in my life that a certain song plays in my head when I relive the memories, just because it was that feeling.

I also quite enjoy the music video, yes okay, it doesn't tell a story as such and it's more of a performance video, but if you're putting out a song about the relationships we have with music, then I don't think anything else would have been a better fit. I also quite like the aesthetic of the video, and I would say that it's a perfect way to start the new era of Fast Car To Florence, so why not pre-save, or watch the video now, and see how much you enjoy it, and see if you enjoy it as much as I do.

Overall, a solid 5 out of 5 lemons, although, I don't think we'd expect anything less for FCTF.

Where To Find Fast Car To Florence:

Their website
Apple Music

Near Mrs

When I saw Near Mrs live, this was obviously on their setlist, and I licked it then, and I like it even more now. I think it's an amazing song, I think it is a very catchy song, it's very upbeat, makes you wanna sing and maybe even dance to it. It just makes you feel good, and that's what makes it beautiful. It's a song that I'm definitely going to be listening to a lot, and I hope you do too because it's a decent song. I cannot fault it.

It's indie, it's nostalgic, it's got a good beat to it, it's funky, it's upbeat.

There are a lot of indie bands out there, but there's something about Near Mrs that sets them apart, they have a unique sound that can't be found with a lot of other bands. I think this is a perfect song to showcase the talent that Notts has, and how incredible the music scene is.

I've heard Catch Of The Day both live and on a studio recording now, and there isn't much difference, obviously live always feels different, but it's actually a song that sounds as good live as it does on recording and not all songs are like that (which is something I've learnt over time).

I really do rate Catch of The Day, I think if you want a new song to listen to then there should be no hesitation there, just do it. Listen to it, show Near Mrs some love. Promote the song, tell people you know to listen to it. Enjoy it, embrace it.

I've got to admit, it's probably on my top 10 songs this month already because I've listened to it that much. It's just one of those songs that's enjoyable to listen to.

Overall, it's getting a solid 5 out of 5 lemons, I really do love it that much!

Where to Find Near Mrs;


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