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The Albums That Shaped The Last Decade

Okay, so I’m back! This post is very much just personal opinion but I’m going to include some cult classics for many emo kids and my personal ones too. So let’s get into this 🤙🏻

Collide With The Sky by Pierce The Veil. A classic for lil emo kids, including Bulls In The Bronx and King For A Day I think a lot of people can agree this was a cult classic and a must-have. 

Let’s Cheers to This by Sleeping With Sirens. Again like CWTS it’s a cult classic and an emo staple. I was more of a SWS kids rather than PTV but I loved them both. It was the soundtrack to my emo days that I really haven’t left. 

Free by Twin Atlantic. This was such a staple for me and it was the album that got me into Twin and I haven’t really looked back since. It’s just such a classic in my opinion from Free to Cherry Slut to We Want Better, Man (which personally I still think is very relevant). 

Fools and Worthless Liars by Deaf Havana. What an album! You’ve got I’m A Bore, Mostly and Youth In Retrospect, The Past Six Years. It’s just such a classic album and next year it turns 10. It’s just a cult classic for me. 

What Separates Me From You by A Day To Remember. Who hasn’t screamed to All I Want though? It's one of those albums that just slaps so hard! It's full of classics like All I Want, All Signs Point To Lauderdale to It's Complicated, Still. I love ADTR and this album was such a cult classic for them in my opinion. 

The American Dream by Trophy Eyes, now, going to be controversial here but I do prefer TAD to Chemical Miracle, it's just full of big sad pop punk bops. You've got Friday Forever, More Like You, You Can Count On Me, just a lot of big sad bops. And it just slaps so hard and I don't think you can hate this album because it's just THAT good. 

Sinners Never Sleep by You Me At Six. Again another classic, that little 12 year old loved and 20 (okay we're three weeks off but shush) year old me still loves. You've got Loverboy, Bite My Tongue, Crash (come on what lil emo kid didn't cry to this?) and the biggest bop of them all Reckless.

The Finer Things by State Champs arguably their best album but they're all great, but this one had Elevated, Hard To Please, Remedy and my personal favourite Prepare to Be Noticed. I can't love Champs especially this album because it's just that good and it was one of the best of the decade. 

Enemy Of The World by Four Year Strong, I am going to include another FYS album on here as well, but not yet. But right back at the start of the decade we had this album come out and it's most notable track was It Must Really Suck To Be Four Year Strong Right Now and honestly, that song is just legendary even just for the title. It also included Wasting Time (Eternal Summer) which is my big mood at every guy I've ever dated.

GLA by Twin Atlantic. It was just that album, it was dark, it was powerful, and it sent a message especially with Mothertongue. But it also had No Sleep and my favourite The Chaser, it was full of big arena-sized tracks that made you want to scream, and it really did add to this decade with music.

Nothing I Write You Can Change What You've Been Through by Trash Boat. I love Trash Boat a lot, and I think this album is a clear indication as to why I love Trash Boat. You've got How Selfish I Seem, Tring Quarry and most notably the track where the title comes from Brave Face. It's a very well crafted album and it slaps so hard!

Four Year Strong by Four Year Strong. Now this was the other album I wanted to mention, because it does deserve a place here, and it's such a strong, powerful album that I think has to be a staple. You've got We All Float Down Here, you've got Go Down In History and even Who Cares? (which I believe this song said a hell of a lot) and my personal favourite I Hold Myself in Contempt. 

These are the albums that for me, shaped the past decade, and I'd love to know if you agree with any of them or what your albums of the decade are!
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