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Single Review: Bad News by Best Of Enemies

**Credit to Naomi Kvedaras/Artwork by Naomi Kvedaras**

Yes, you've heard correctly, you've read that title correctly... Best of Enemies are back! 

When Sam messaged me and told me I was quite excited, because their last EP was amazing, so when I was giving the opportunity to do this post, I had to take Sam up on the offer. 

Best Of Enemies are no strangers on this blog because in this little blog we love BoE.
However, if you've forgotten who Best of Enemies are, or you are new here (there are other posts on here that you can check out I suggest just going to the search and typing them in and reading the other posts as well), then I'll refresh your brains.

Credit to Hannah Lock for the photo
This is Best of Enemies, they're a 4-piece alt-rock band hailing from the wonderful land of Croydon. 
From left to right the band consists of;
Christian Kally-Gallimore - Bass
Ben Sapsford - Guitar
Sam Christmas - Vocals and Guitar
Liam Washford Bent - Drums
They're amazing, all their links will be below, and they were one of the first bands I ever did a review on, and for three years now I've been watching them grow and they're an incredibly talented band and they do deserve a lot more recognition and support, so go drop them a follow and check out their new song.

Now that I've refreshed you on who Best of Enemies are, it's time to get talking about this new song of theirs that they released today! 

The song was produced and mixed by Michael R Charman,
It was mastered by Peter Maher
Written and performed by Best of Enemies and Alan Smith

The first thing I have to say is, Way of Life may need to make way for Bad News because I 100% adore Way of Life, it's one of my favourite songs of all time, but Bad News is next level!

From the first line, I knew they'd won me over with this song.

The song opens with "What's going on in The Times today?" and that sets the tone for the entire song, it is very much a song about the current state of the UK and politics. 

Sam Christmas has stated that "The song was inspired by all the facepalm moments and all the mess that come out of the UK in the last few years."
I think this song perfectly sums up the current mess of politics and the UK, because as the chorus echoes "Oh my God it's just all bad news" and that's exactly it. It's nice to see a band voicing their feelings on the state of our country in a creative manner.

I don't want to talk forever about the lyrics and the meaning and how you can take that, but just put the song on, and listen to the words. Listen to the lyrics and what Christmas is saying because I think you might agree that it's a perfect summary.

It's very much a song I wish a lot of people would appreciate and take in because, every time I look at a paper, or any news outlet a massive portion of the news is always negative. It's definitely a song that needed to exist and it now does so do not sleep on it! You can't sleep on this track, I need you all to listen to it as loud and as frequent as possible.

The sound isn't any different from normal, they're sticking to their roots and I'm so proud of how far they're coming and I hope to see them achieve big things, and I hope you take a moment to listen to this song and show them some love and support, because this is the sort of song we all need.

If I take Way of Life out of the equation then this is my favourite Best of Enemies song. I'm happy to hear a song like this on because it's perfect. It's a masterpiece and I couldn't recommend it enough. I hope this gives BoE that little boost they need with the response because I want this song to be received well.

Please, go and click the links below and give it a listen, enjoy the song and the meaning behind it. Show the lads in Best of Enemies some love and support, and let's spread the word about this song!

Overall, I have no choice but to give this a solid 6 out of 5 sparkly lemons which on LifeIsALemon is the highest-ranking I give. I only bring this one out when something is truly phenomenal and where no flaws or criticism can be found.

Where To Find Best Of Enemies:

Twitter: @bestofenemiesuk
Instagram: @bestofenemiesuk

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