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Live Review: Real Friends, Grayscale and Belmont

Date - 21st of October 2019 Location - Nottingham Rescue Rooms Act - Real Friends and Grayscale with support from Belmont Belmont was the first on, opened with Hollowed Out, lost my voice for the rest of the set. They were good, but I did think that the sound was off, for the pure fact that it was the same for Real Friends and Grayscale, so Rescue Rooms, less drums more vocals please. The mix was off, however, besides that, they were actually pretty good! Absolute adored them! I got to hear Pushing Daises and Hollowed Out live so I can't complain. They were good, they had a hell of a lot of energy, more energy than I ever have. And I actually really enjoyed seeing them, it was one of them things that I wanted to see them live, and now I have can tick it off my list sort of thing. They did put on a good show and they were bloody good at warming up the crowd, cause the pit definitely got going. My heart is happy. Overall, 4 out of 5 lemons! Next up was Grayscale, an

EP Review: MYMINDISOUTOFME by Distant Blue

The moment we've all been waiting for has finally arrived, and Distant Blue have finally dropped their highly anticipated debut EP. The EP opens with Tongue Tied and yes, this is a song we've heard before but it's a song we all love! I have previously voiced my opinions on this track and I'll happily voice them again. I LOVE IT. One of my favourite things about Distant Blue is how well they pull off their sound. Some bands can't always pull off the sound they're trying to be, and it makes me really happy when a band can pull off that sound, and Ed's voice is perfect for the sound. I don't want to focus too heavily on the songs that have already been released because I don't want to be repeating myself, and there are some SOLID new songs on the EP! The next song is Lucid Liar (Novocaine) which again I've voiced my opinions on. Again, I absolutely love it. I think it's a solid song, and lyrically I love it so much. I love Ed'

Twin Atlantic Are Up To Something?

As you may or may not be aware Twin Atlantic have been being cryptic again, which always tends to mean new music and we did get it. It came in steps, but we got what we all wanted. So if you're unaware Twin Atlantic are an alt-rock band from Glasgow, Scotland. They're my favourite band, I have so much love for them, and their last album was released on the 9th of September 2016, so this has been a long time coming. I've been waiting so long for the new Twin Atlantic era. For a week, Twin was being cryptic, which is what they always do when new music is on the horizon. For the week starting the 7th of October, they started posting cryptic videos all with a different number. It all manifested on Friday the 11th of October when they posted that the new song was called Novocaine. That was when the numbers started making sense, if you were to type out Novocaine on a keypad on a phone, the number it would produce would be 0668622463. They then posted a link to their websi

Giving Music I Dislike A Second Chance...

So this idea was inspired by a video Yasmine Summan did on her YouTube channel and I thought, hey, that's an interesting idea, so I don't take credit for this idea, but I think most of our choices will be different. Creeper- I don't like Creeper, they're my best friends favourite band and I can't stand them. And listening to them again, I still don't like them. I can't, I'm sorry. They're just not the sort of music I'm into. Love and Loathing by With Confidence - It's not a bad album but it's not my favourite, it doesn't have something that makes me want to listen to it on repeat and yall might hate me for it but I just don't like it. MANIA by Fall Out Boy - I can't, I just can't handle this one. Nope. It's not necessarily bad it's just not the best FOB album, and the only song I really listen to off the album is Wilson (Expensive Mistake). Rituals by Deaf Havana - I don't dislike it, I like the album,

Single Review: Bad News by Best Of Enemies

**Credit to Naomi Kvedaras/Artwork by Naomi Kvedaras** Yes, you've heard correctly, you've read that title correctly... Best of Enemies are back!  When Sam messaged me and told me I was quite excited, because their last EP was amazing, so when I was giving the opportunity to do this post, I had to take Sam up on the offer.  Best Of Enemies are no strangers on this blog because in this little blog we love BoE. However, if you've forgotten who Best of Enemies are, or you are new here (there are other posts on here that you can check out I suggest just going to the search and typing them in and reading the other posts as well), then I'll refresh your brains. Credit to Hannah Lock for the photo This is Best of Enemies, they're a 4-piece alt-rock band hailing from the wonderful land of Croydon.  From left to right the band consists of; Christian Kally-Gallimore - Bass Ben Sapsford - Guitar Sam Christmas - Vocals and Guitar Liam Washford Bent - Drums Th

Music I Used To Like That I Now Think is Overplayed

I was given this idea by my friend Amy, and I'm here for it because there's a lot of bands and songs I used to love or still do but I think is slightly overplayed. There is no tea or shade here, I simply just think it's overplayed. - As It Is. I'm sorry, I love As It Is but when they released their last album I felt like it was so overplayed and overhyped. - Waterparks, again I love Parxs and their new album is good, but I personally don't get how hyped they are like they're good but there's better bands in my opinon. - With Confidence, again, I used to like them then all the controversy happened so I was like no I won't stan anymore, but people still really hype them and I don't get it. - Moose Blood, very controversial band aren't they, but I see so many people hyping them and stuff and I'm like, wow no. Let's not, not technically overplayed, but they're definitely overhyped - Yungblud, there's some songs I like, but

Songs That Changed My Life (2019 Edition)

A did one of these last year, and I thought why not do it agian but an updated version because my music taste changes, well, it evolves and I discover other bands or due to a band I love I find other bands, so yeah. Here's an updated Songs That Changed My Life. --------------------------------------- One of the songs that started it all for me, was Star Girl by McFly  this was one of the first songs I ever fell in love with, just because I liked McFly since the start doesn't mean that as a child I knew who they were. But Star Girl was the song that really put music on the map for me. I remember the first time I heard it and the next day my mum and dad bought me the single from Asda so I could listen to it on repeat until everybody was sick of hearing it. Without McFly I don't think I'd be the same person I am today, it was because of them that I actually discovered a lot of the bands that I like now in some way, shape or form.  Another track that stands out t

Live Review: The Mocking Jays, Kid Amelia and The Rupees

So on the 12th of October, The Mocking Jays headlined Rescue Rooms on their first UK Tour, and of course, they had to play a show in their homeland of Nottingham. So let's go on the magical journey of what went down! The first act on was The Rupees and we all know, I'm honest here, so yeah I didn't expect to like them, I'd listened to one of their songs and I wasn't overly hyped to see them live, but they put on a pretty good performance, and I was happy to see them live because seeing bands live gives myself the opportunity to give other bands a second chance. They weren't my favourite act of the night, but I was glad they were there because they did kick off the gig well, no they're not like Twin Atlantic level, but they're still good. I will talk more about my opinions next week when I bring you a band review, but they were a pretty decent band live. Overall, 4 out of 5 lemons. The second act was Notts band Kid Amelia, and what a show. T

New In Notts: The Half Eight and Fast Car To Florence

So after a long time Fast Car have finally ends the silence and boy, it’s good!  Their comeback tune is called No Excuses, and already if that title doesn’t win you over I don’t know what will. It’s exactly what you’d want to come from Fast Car To Florence after a long time, and it makes me very happy to have this song available. It’s not my favourite track that they’ve ever done because It Gets Old and Sick On My Own are still getting that spot. But it’s still top notch. It reminds me a lot of the Address The World sound, similar to Hypnotise You. Which that was an amazing song and that was actually the song that I first heard by them! I’ve said this time and time again and I will continue to say it, Isaac has such a lovely voice and he can sing anything and it sound amazing. And this song is no exception. It’s a beautiful song that makes you feel warm inside the song is about self realisation and not being hard on yourself but also knowing when you’re not being hard en