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Single Review: Everything I Want by The Half Eight

So yes, The Half Eight are dropping new music all over the place currently, honestly it's almost hard to keep up as they're dropping another new track on this Friday! However, I am not complaining as I'm a sucker for a good tune off them! The Half Eight are one of my go-to bands if I'm wanting a good love song.
Everything I Want initially wasn't a song I took a lot of pleasure in, however, I was half asleep when I listened to it, and then when I came to listening to it again, I was pleasantly surprised. This time I wasn't half asleep.
I'm a sucker for a good love song currently, because love songs make me think of my favourite person, but I think most people know who that is!
Anyway, I was absolutely in love with this song when I heard it, doesn't beat Drunk Like You but I mean ya girl wants to hear Drunk Like You live, which reminds me, I got tickets to The Last First Tour and I'm so excited! I can't wait to go to the tour and have a good little bop to some good tunes!
It does very much have an 80s pop vibe to it, and that isn't a bad thing because I was raised on 80s music along with heavy metal and punk rock (my parents raised me to appreciate good music even if I am virtually deaf). This song does not disappoint, it's super catchy like every single The Half Eight track! I love it! It's one of them songs that is going to take a lot for me to get sick of hearing it!
Out of the three singles, I'd rank it second. It's rank it above Love In The Dark but not above Drunk Like You.
I love the boy's voices! it's definitely a catchy song that would make you want to dance to it, and it is the sort of song that you'd hear playing in the background of a cult classic 80s film!
I do really like the track, and it does make me really excited for their new single to drop! Honestly, they're dropping bops left, right and centre here and I'm here for it. I would 100% recommend that you go and give it a cheeky little listen!
The Half Eight are one of those hidden treasure bands but if you heard their music you'd think they were significantly bigger than they are.
Overall? A solid 5 out of 5 lemons without a doubt! Keep it up boys! And I dare say next week we might have another review of their next single!
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