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New Music Review: Twin Atlantic, Trash Boat, A Day To Remember

Lets crack on with this then! I know not a small unheard of band for once... that content will resume next week!
Twin Atlantic:
Twin Atlantic played Reading and Leeds and debuted a new song called Volcano, sadly it hasn't officially been released, nor is it available for your audible pleasure. However, what I can say is that it was intense! It was so good, it sounded like The Chaser and I Am An Animal had a baby and it was Volcano. If you know me then you know I am dying for Twin Atlantic to release new music, because frankly, GLA was pretty much 3 years ago. We need the new album boys! But Volcano does not disappoint in the slightest, it's magnificent and I actually cried a few tears.
However, Twin did not stop there. Oh no the Glaswegian Gods also decided to drop Live From The World Famous Barrowland Ballrooms which is an EP of 5 songs performed live, at their last show at the Barrs. It's beautiful. As much as I want new Twin music so bad, this satisfied my craving. To quote Shrek "That'll do donkey, that'll do".
I always rank Twin Atlantic as the best band I've ever seen live, and I do have to stick with that comment because they really are and I can't wait for them to make their comeback because I will have to get myself to a show again.
The EP consists of, No Sleep, Free, Brothers and Sisters, Crash Land and Heart and Soul. I couldn't have asked for a better combination of songs, and if you've ever wondered if Twin are good live, then just give this EP a spin and you'll see for yourself.
Sam's voice echoes and they sound just as good as you'd want them to, if not better. Some live acts can have their vocals of instruments drowned out by one another, however, Twin know exactly the right balance.
5 out of 5 sparkly lemons for both of these holy gifts!

Trash Boat;
I love Trash Boat, and the legends they are they dropped a new song called Synthetic Sympathy. The first time I listened to it, I didn't think I liked it. And that's just cause for me nothing will beat Tring Quarry! However, this song is solid! It gives me like a new era BMTH vibe, it's a good song. Not my favourite but it's still amazing! Toby has such beautiful vocals on this track, and I'm happy to see Trash Boat continuing to release tunes!
Overall a solid 5 out of 5 sparkly lemons cause HOW COULD YOU NOT LOVE TRASH BOAT!
On Friday these guys returned to bless us with new music, and boyyyyyy the album slaps so hard!
The album starts with Just Right which is such a beautiful song and actually reminds me of the person i like so it means something to me.
the song starts quiet and then boom! it’s classic Grayscale!
We than transition into Baby Blue which wowowowowow!!!
It’s such a catchy song, even if the lyrics aren’t that happy the sound is and it gets stuck in your head. in a weird way it reminds me of The 1975.
The next track is In Violet which I’ve loved since it came out, it’s a beautiful and moving track but it isn’t slow like a lot of similar songs. honestly play this song at my funeral.
Then we move onto YOUNG. Which WOW! breathtaking. i love the lyrics to this song so much. it says a lot about society. the lyrics have a lot of depth within them but it’s almost like you have to listen to hear the meaning.
Up next is Twilight (My Heaven). To me, this song sounds like old school pop punk. it’s such a catchy song and it really is a classic Grayscale song. it’s the sort of song that makes you wanna dance a little.
The next track is Old Friends and this one reminds me in a weird way of Twenty One Pilots and I don’t know why. this is possibly my least favourite on the album as it’s slower and not as heavy. it is a beautiful song with a beautiful meaning though and I love the song but I just prefer the other tracks.
Next is Painkiller Weather which YES!
This is just a beast of a song. it’s super catchy, it’s not heavy but it’s not soft. it’s got some amazing parts and it’s one of the songs you’ll wanna listen to on repeat.
Then we transition to What’s On Your Mind
This track is just mediocre for me. it doesn’t do anything for me but the lyrics are nice but the song itself doesn’t do much for me.
Asbury doesn’t do much for me either although it is a nice song it doesn’t do much for me.
However, Desert Queen does something for me. it’s quite infectious and the same goes for In My Arms. they’re catchy infectious songs.
Nella Vita comes to a close with Tommy’s Song which is a beautiful moving song. it has beautiful lyrics and has a beautiful meaning. It makes me well up and makes me wanna cry.
Overall Nella Vita gets a solid 5 out of 5 lemons.
A Day To Remember:

Yes the Ocala boys are back with a new song called Degenerates. I’ve had this song stuck in my head since the release.

It’s not as heavy as their previous sounds but I still love the track and it’s still very ADTR sounding. It’s super catchy and literally has super glued itself into my head. Honestly, ADTR is one of my favourite bands so hearing the new music makes me very happy.

Overall, Degenerates gets a 5 out of 5 lemons from me.


The last band i’m including is Roam, and because of how long this review already is i’m not going to go as in depth this time.

Every song on Smile Wide is amazing, some i prefer more than others. My least favourite is probably Piranha even though i adore that song, and my favourite would probably have to be LOUD, The Fire On The Ceiling or Red & Blue. Both of those songs are just next level for me.

It’s possibly my favourite Roam album but i don’t know if anything would be as good as Great Heights and Nosedives.

It’s a top notch pop punk album but it’s still staying in their comfort zone so i can’t say it’s groundbreaking.

it’s definitely one of my favourite albums this year.

Overall Smile Wide gets a solid 5 out of 5 lemons.


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