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Live Review: The Mocking Jays (Round 14)

The Mocking Jays live at Osfest

So The Mocking Jays played Osfest and they were phenomenal as always!
They played all the solid tunes like Kiss My Neck and Edge Of Your Knife sadly we did not hear Take You Home though although, Jay did inform us that it shall be remaking a return to the setlist soon!
The weather was intense so it was perfect for a festival outside. The drive was also intense but the things I do to see the boys in the band. I couldn’t recommend seeing TMJ enough. They really are one of the best live acts that I've ever seen. the energy that they put into their performances is next level, and there’s always something to make you smile and laugh during their sets! so if you can make sure you get to a date of The Triangle Tour! Make sure you see the boys play some solid tunes, and also they’re releasing a new song in under 2 weeks! So get excited for that.
The Mocking Jays are one of the best bands you could see live and if you want to see them live then i would 100% recommend it. they’re such a great band and they really do get you hyped for the set I do 100% recommend seeing them live.
It was also George's last gig with the boys so it was quite emotional but it's fine! He will be missed
Overall I'd give the performance 5/5. As always. it wasn’t my favourite time seeing them but that’s just because it was a festival and there’s always gonna be the Notts venues like Rescue Rooms and Rock City that I'll prefer them playing but that’s personal preference. they were amazing as always.

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