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Single Review: Everything I Want by The Half Eight

So yes, The Half Eight are dropping new music all over the place currently, honestly it's almost hard to keep up as they're dropping another new track on this Friday! However, I am not complaining as I'm a sucker for a good tune off them! The Half Eight are one of my go-to bands if I'm wanting a good love song. Everything I Want initially wasn't a song I took a lot of pleasure in, however, I was half asleep when I listened to it, and then when I came to listening to it again, I was pleasantly surprised. This time I wasn't half asleep. I'm a sucker for a good love song currently, because love songs make me think of my favourite person, but I think most people know who that is! Anyway, I was absolutely in love with this song when I heard it, doesn't beat Drunk Like You but I mean ya girl wants to hear Drunk Like You live, which reminds me, I got tickets to The Last First Tour and I'm so excited! I can't wait to go to the tour and ha

The Resurrection of McFly

McFly are back?! So McFly are back, well kinda. If you’ve been living under a rock then you might not know that McFly have announced their comeback! They’re giving us Galaxy Defenders what we’ve been waiting NINE YEARS FOR! NEW MUSIC! Or technically old music. Above The Noise was their last album and was released in 2010. However, whilst we all sat patiently waiting for YEARS for the mystery album 6, it never came. They’d say it was definitely coming that year and it never did. They kept telling us this, and they’d post about going off to record the album again and again, but the album never came. In 2013, McBusted emerged. Which did provide us new music, but it wasn’t McFly. It wasn’t the same. So us fans sat for longer patiently waiting for new music and then the band were on hiatus. McBusted lasted for two years, and it was heartbreaking. In 2017 they did their Anthology Tour where they played every album in full back to back. After that it was radio silence from the

New In Music: Morale, The Half Eight, The Mocking Jays and More

Morale Morale released a new song a couple of weeks ago, and I just haven't got round to writing my thoughts on the track. This track is my least favourite that I'm reviewing, but that doesn't mean I don't like it. It reminds me of another band, but I'm not too sure who it is. It's a Kerrang sort of band, maybe something like 30 Seconds To Mars or System Of A Down. It's a good song, the track is called Dopamine and that just takes me back to when I studied Psychology. It's not heavy, but it's certainly the heaviest of the songs I'm mentioning in this post. In a way it's similar to You Me At Six and Trash Boat which are two bands I adore! I quite like the lyrics, and it isn't boring, it's not a song that you easily lose interest in, however, there is one thing that I slightly dislike and I've mentioned this in a lot of blog posts before. I don't like how the vocals are drowned out, I've never been a fan of th

New Music Review: Twin Atlantic, Trash Boat, A Day To Remember

Lets crack on with this then! I know not a small unheard of band for once... that content will resume next week! Twin Atlantic: Twin Atlantic played Reading and Leeds and debuted a new song called Volcano, sadly it hasn't officially been released, nor is it available for your audible pleasure. However, what I can say is that it was intense! It was so good, it sounded like The Chaser and I Am An Animal had a baby and it was Volcano. If you know me then you know I am dying for Twin Atlantic to release new music, because frankly, GLA was pretty much 3 years ago. We need the new album boys! But Volcano does not disappoint in the slightest, it's magnificent and I actually cried a few tears. However, Twin did not stop there. Oh no the Glaswegian Gods also decided to drop Live From The World Famous Barrowland Ballrooms which is an EP of 5 songs performed live, at their last show at the Barrs. It's beautiful. As much as I want new Twin music so bad, this satisfied my craving

Live Review: The Mocking Jays (Round 14)

The Mocking Jays live at Osfest So The Mocking Jays played Osfest and they were phenomenal as always! They played all the solid tunes like Kiss My Neck and Edge Of Your Knife sadly we did not hear Take You Home though although, Jay did inform us that it shall be remaking a return to the setlist soon! The weather was intense so it was perfect for a festival outside. The drive was also intense but the things I do to see the boys in the band. I couldn’t recommend seeing TMJ enough. They really are one of the best live acts that I've ever seen. the energy that they put into their performances is next level, and there’s always something to make you smile and laugh during their sets! so if you can make sure you get to a date of The Triangle Tour! Make sure you see the boys play some solid tunes, and also they’re releasing a new song in under 2 weeks! So get excited for that. The Mocking Jays are one of the best bands you could see live and if you want to see them liv