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Single Review: Numbers and Hanging Up by Isaac Anderson

So Isaac is back again, and he's released two new songs since the last post. And I'm going to review both tracks! I do not own this photo. Credit goes to T om Goddard Number; This is an absolute tune, I was very sceptical to listen to it at first because the last track was so beautiful, so I didn't know what to initally think. However, when I took the plunge after a couple of hours, I did it and I listened to it and I loved it so much! The sound reminds me very much of Address The World by FCTF which obviously there's going to be similarities as it's the band that Isaac fronts, but it's like that softer sound in comparison to The Illusion Of Being Fair. However, it has such a nice beat and an extremely catchy tune. The meaning behind the song is about trying not to beat yourself up for not feeling like you're doing enough with the time that you've got or 'Like your life is slipping away' (Isaac's own words). It's got a beau

Single/Band Review: Bear Shoe

Here I am, back again with another blog post about another new band. Someone please tell me to never stop with finding all these new bands, because honestly, my life is becoming filled with top quality bands again! Bear Shoes Bear Shoe is an alt pop-punk/indie band from Guildford, England. They already have some tunes out for you ears to be blessed with, however later in this post, I will be talking about their latest release OUCH! (Wisdom Teeth). The band consists of Elkan Lau - Bass Matthieu Thienpont - Guitar and Vocals Marcus Bagshawe - Guitar Ben Waites - Drums and backing vocals For Fans Of - Tiny Moving Parts, Mom Jeans, Remo Drive, Prince Daddy and the Hyena Now let's get to talking about their latest release and the music video that accompanies it! The video is really cool, like it's a very pop-punk music video. Come on, a shark costume? Come on who doesn't love that?! The song is really catchy as well, the song is more on the indie side rat