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Live Review: Dot To Dot 2019

Okay, so before I get too deep into this, I just wanna say that I have posted my Dot To Dot vlog to accompany this blog post, which it has a couple of little clips of the bands and you see how my day at Dot To Dot went, so the link will be at the end of the post so go check it out and laugh at how bad I looked!
The Mocking Jays
So the first band we saw was The Mocking Jays, this was round 12, so yeah I've seen the boys a lot. But again they played Rock City Beta and I think that was the 3rd time I've seen them play that stage and honestly, next year the boys deserve to be on the main stage.
As always, the atmosphere was INTENSE. Jay had a lot of energy, and we all know that I love when a band has loads of energy within their set because it makes it enjoyable. Especially when you're in a jam-packed venue. I also have to love their set for the fact that Jay was an absolute legend and dedicated Kiss My Neck to me again, and honestly, it made my day. If you don't already know, last year Jay dedicated KMN to me as well, so it was really sweet when he did it again, it meant a lot to me.
Now let's get into the bit you're all here for! So I mean honestly, up there with their best sets, they've done. It was phenomenal. Jay honestly had so much energy, Lewis was proper into the set as always. Alex and George were on point with their backing vocals, and of course Sam just adds more character to the band.
Their setlist was so good!
- Funny Bones, like hello can they open every set with Funny Bones please because WHAT A TUNE. It's one of their louder songs, and it just gets you hyped for the rest of the set.
- Close To You, the complete opposite to Funny Bones, as it's more of a laid back track. Still a lot of energy, just more laid back.
- Edge Of Your Knife, this song is just a classic, I honestly think they day they don't sing about the boys in the band not stopping the noise I will cry.
- Kiss My Neck, this is my favourite TMJ song, and as I said Jay dedicated it to me again so it just made me really happy.
- Tears In Summer, again a similar vibe to Close to You, although in the second half of the track Jay has this part where his vocals are so powerful.
- Sex On The Beach, would it really be a TMJ set if this bad boy wasn't in there? Also perfect considering it was May spring bank holiday...
- I Can't Be (Without Your Love). Like Funny Bones, the placement within the set was perfect. It was an amazing way to end the set, and it's such an energy fueled song.
Overall a solid 6 out of 5 sparkly lemons, the boys really do know how to put on an amazing set!
Left Hand Lane
Okay, so I had a very long break between TMJ and LHL. And yes, my back tried to commit suicide during the set so I had to leave early, but it's fine! I still saw a good 15-20 minutes of the set! They also played a brand new song which was pretty great.
Now I like Left Hand Lane and Pearce is so lovely, so honestly, like the mocks, I prefer them live than on a recording. That's just personal preference though. I do like them on recording but just, you know live is better with LHL.
There was A LOT of energy in their set, there was more than there was in the mocks but that's probably because Pearce was bouncing all over the place... literally.
They were really good live, and if I happen to be at an event where they're playing again, then I'm more than happy to see them again. They put on a really good show, and there was a lot of energy in it. It was so nice to see them live because Pearce has been asking me to go to a show for so long... so I finally did it! And in case anybody wants to know Pearce gives some top-notch hugs!
Overall I'll give Left Hand Lane a 4 out of 5 sparkly lemons, and that is pure because I'm comparing to the other bands I saw at Dot to Dot
Distant Blue
I love Distant Blue, and that's a well-known fact. How can I not love them? I remember first listening to them and being like ooooooo these guys good! And now Pearce is in the band it means you have to love them even more.
Distant Blue was incredible. This was my second time seeing them and honestly, THEY WERE SO GOOD! I love their sound because they are like pop punk and it's great! It's legendary. They played the 31K Bar which is a very small intimate place for a gig. I'm honestly surprised they could fit four people on the stage.
Of course, the energy was immense, especially because Pearce was still bouncing everywhere, and then Ed came into the crowd, there was a tiny mosh pit. It was incredible.
Their setlist was perfect...
- Whirlpool
- Tongue Tied
- Lucid Liar
- 5 AM
- Amber Leaf
- Come and Join The Party (really hyped for this track to come out)
- Me And My Big Mouth
They were incredible, and the atmosphere in there was immense. I loved every second of their set and it was just incredible, I can't even describe how good it was! I can't wait to see them again, whenever that may be!
Overall going to give Distant Blue a 5 out of 5 sparkly lemons!

AFTER THREE YEARS I FINALLY SAW FATHERSON... also was literally right next to Ross Leighton at two points and nearly cried but didn't talk to him because I'm lame like that.
I was so tired when it came to their set, and my feet and back were killing. But it was amazing, it was the best set I saw and that says a lot, it was just so incredible. They played both old and new songs, and I swear I screamed so loud when I heard the opening note to Open Book because it's a tune! But honestly, they were so good! Obviously, Fatherson are quite a bit bigger than the other three bands but they were still amazing. Honestly though, to hear Ross sing just... whoa. It was incredible, having loved Fatherson since Open Book came out, it was like wow, this was mega! And they really didn't disappoint. 100% made me want to see them again, and one day I will because wow I have to. They were amazing! From Making Waves to Open Book, I was a happy little blob.
Overall I'd give them a 6 out of 6 sparkly lemons.


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