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Live Review: The Mocking Jays at Radfest 2019

So on Saturday the 22nd The Mocking Jays headlined Radfest and spoiler alert. It was incredible. Photo Credit to Amber Knowles It was their second show without George and my first show without George. The fill-in is actually Ed from Distant Blue and all I’m going to say is it was amazing! I was very sceptical because I absolutely adore TMJ and I do adore Distant Blue as well, but I was worried that it wouldn't sound the same, but it actually sounded better (RIP George). The way that Jay and Ed's vocals complemented each other, and the fact that Ed's voice is slightly rougher just added some more depth to the songs, even in songs like Close To You and Tears In Summer, they gained a lot more depth audibly because of Ed's vocals. I honestly loved their set so much more than I anticipated, I always enjoy TMJ sets but with Ed being there it just added so much to the band! It could well possibly be the best TMJ set I've heard. They opened with Funny Bones an

Live Review: Dot To Dot 2019

Okay, so before I get too deep into this, I just wanna say that I have posted my Dot To Dot vlog to accompany this blog post, which it has a couple of little clips of the bands and you see how my day at Dot To Dot went, so the link will be at the end of the post so go check it out and laugh at how bad I looked! The Mocking Jays So the first band we saw was The Mocking Jays, this was round 12, so yeah I've seen the boys a lot. But again they played Rock City Beta and I think that was the 3rd time I've seen them play that stage and honestly, next year the boys deserve to be on the main stage. As always, the atmosphere was INTENSE. Jay had a lot of energy, and we all know that I love when a band has loads of energy within their set because it makes it enjoyable. Especially when you're in a jam-packed venue. I also have to love their set for the fact that Jay was an absolute legend and dedicated Kiss My Neck to me again, and honestly, it made my day. If you don't alr