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Band and EP Review: Fading Blonde

For the third week in a row I am back with another band review, of another small, local Notts band. However, in this one I will also give my thoughts on their latest release which was an EP! It did come out quite a few weeks ago, but I've been sidetracked, so when Harvey said that it would be great if I could do this review, I thought, why not finally do it?!
Fading Blonde I do not own this logo, it was simply just the photo that Harvey sent me So I'm going to do the band review part of this first and then I'll talk about their EP. Okay so, Fading Blonde is an indie/alt-rock band from Notts (okay yes I know all I ever do is write about alt-rock bands or Notts bands, but we have a good music scene). The band consists of; Harvey - Drums
Owen - Guitar
Evan - Guitar and Vocals
Charlie - Bass For Fans Of:
- Remo Drive
- Joyce Manor I do like them, and I can't vouch for most of the band but I can say that Harvey is really nice and sweet and I assume the rest of the g…

Band Review: Boats On The Ocean

PEOPLE, WE ARE BACK WITH ANOTHER BAND REVIEW! And again, I'm very excited about it. I love doing band reviews on new bands, because yes! This is actually a band who I have seen live before, right back in March (I make that sound so long ago) I saw them when they opened for The Mocking Jays at the EP launch show! I didn't catch all of their set because frankly me and Amber were outside crying, well I was she wasn't. But I did hear some of their tracks!
Boats On The Ocean I do not own this photo, click here for the source!  So Boats On The Ocean are a small Notts/Derby band. Again, like most bands, I blog about they're in the same circuit as like The Mocking Jays, Don't Forget Rupert, Left Hand Lane and them ones, the ones you see on here a lot! So the members are: Frank Statham - Lead Vocals and rhythm guitar
Harry Fox - Bass and Backing Vocals
Cameron Mundie - Lead Guitarist and Backing vocals
Tom Spray - Drums For Fans Of:
- Catfish and The Bottlemen
- Cassia
- Pau…

Band Review: Left Hand Lane

Left Hand Lane are a small, local Notts band. They're in the same scene as some of the other bands I write about including, The Mocking Jays, Don't Forget Rupert and Distant Blue and that is how I initially came across them. In this post I will give my thoughts on their new single Skank, but I also want to heavily concentrate on this being a band review. Also before I dive too deep into this, I just want to say a massive thanks to Pearce for making this an easy blog post for me, as he was really helpful and co-operative and he was actually the one to approach me about doing this blog post!
Left Hand Lane Disclaimer: I do not own this photo and all the credit goes to Rebecca Sansom Okay, so Left Hand Lane are a sort of alt rock sort of band, but they also have HEAVY punk elements to them, I don't want to call them punk rock because they're alt rock, but they do have some punk roots there. FFO- "For fans of anyone who enjoys music, we don't really aim for an aud…