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EP Review: The Illusion Of Being Fair by Fast Car To Florence

Fast Car To Florence dropped a new EP on Friday called The Illusion Of Being Fair and do you want to know what’s not fair? HOW GOOD THIS EP IS. Like it’s not fair on any other band. The Illusion Of Being Fair The EP consists of; It Gets Old Sick On My Own Just Smile Off The Shoulder Something Better And let me just say, this EP is the best thing they’ve ever done. There isn’t one song on this EP that isn’t a tune! TIOBF takes you on an emotional journey, since It Gets Old was released I’ve absolutely loved it. And it just blends into the EP so well, it 100% compliments the EP by being the opening track. And then it’s Sick On My Own which is possibly my second favourite song on the EP. It’s such a relatable song, and it hits me somewhere that I forgot I could be hit. It’s a song that makes me very emotional and it’s also so catchy and it gets stuck in your head. Then it transitions into Just Smile which I’ve done a full review on and it’s known that I abs

Single Review: Was That Kiss Meant For Me? by The Publics

So this song has been out for just over a month now, but I just haven't had the time to write a post, so here we go. The Publics are a local Notts band, and I've got to say the song is doing incredibly well on Spotify, with them having near enough 2000 monthly listeners and the song having over 4000 streams, and to say it's only been out just over a month and it was their first song it's doing really well. The Publics are an indie rock band, and the song gives me a mixture of Sex Pistols, The Jam, Catfish and The Bottlemen and Arctic Monkeys vibes. It's not a bad song, I can see the appeal and it's a sound that's pretty popular currently. If you are into those sort of bands and like alt and indie bands then The Publics could be perfect for you. It's definitely a sound that I'm hearing a lot more currently, but Was That Kiss Meant For Me? is in no way a bad song, it's a song that I personally wouldn't reach for the most, but I'd s

Single Review: Close To You by The Mocking Jays

As always, I'm not going to be biased. I'm looking at this from my music blogger POV rather than a personal POV. Close To You by The Mocking Jays (Click to go to the music video) So TMJ have just dropped a new song... Close To You. I will not say that this is my favourite thing they’ve released. But it’s still good. It had a similar sort of vibe and sound to it as Kiss My Neck but saying that they are both love songs. So maybe that’s why. However as I said it isn’t necessarily a bad song. I mean who doesn’t love a little love song? As always I will say that the music video does compliment the song and I mean who doesn’t want to see Jay embracing his inner emo with the eyeliner? If you were more of a fan of the sound of Kiss My Neck than the likes of Edge Of Your Knife or you just want to listen to a little cheesy love song well then Close To You is for you. It’s definitely a song that’s grown on me. I’ve became more of a fan of it with each listen

Live Review: Don't Forget Rupert (Round Two)

Don't Forget Rupert at Beat The Streets  So on Sunday Don’t Forget Rupert played Rock City main stage at Beat The Streets, and like always Don’t Forget Rupert know how to put on a gig. The set list was incredible and included the likes of Long a Time Coming, Get Fucked, Fix You and they even played their new single that’s to be released next month. There was as always loads of energy within their set and of course it’s not a Don’t Forget Rupert gig if Ben isn’t in the crowd for part of it. It was in incredible show but I will say I still preferred when I saw them at Rough Trade which was down to the atmosphere at the gig. The atmosphere was incredible and there was so much energy radiating from the bands performance. It was incredible seeing how much energy was there. I mean although the crowd didn’t want to cooperate for a good portion of the time, that didn’t stop Don’t Forget Rupert trying to engage the crowd and that didn’t make the energy stop.