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Live Review: The Mocking Jays at Beat The Streets

So it was my birthday yesterday and it was also Beat The Streets yesterday... and TMJ played BTS so what a better way to celebrate my birthday than seeing bands I liked...(They'll be another live review up on Friday so stay tuned for that one). But until then it's a live review of TMJ's performance. The Mocking Jays: Beat The Streets...more like beat the capacity of the venue There was certainly a lot of people there, and it was actually great to see so many people there to see TMJ because there were hundreds and hundreds of people there. Rock City Beta (Basement) was at capacity+ for TMJ which was incredible to see so many people there to see them make some noise. As always there was so much energy in the set that you enjoyed being there, and you can tell that TMJ wanted to be there by the amount of energy within the set, and there's nothing worse than going to a gig and knowing that the band doesn't want to be there, but that's never the case at a T

Artists You Should Listen To In 2019

A.N. Hi! Yes, I'm back, I know I've been away from a few weeks, probably near enough a month. Some stuff has happened and frankly I just needed a break from blogging. However, I'm back and you have to put up with some slightly less exciting posts for a few weeks, but I am attending Beat The Streets this year, which means there's gonna be some live reviews. I might do a week of live reviews or I might just do one long post. Haven't decided that far ahead currently. But if you wanna read about stuff that's happened the link to my personal blog will be at the end. MyVoiceBrandNew Bands To Look Out For in 2019!  If you are any sort of reading of my blog, or you see me on Twitter, then this one is not going to shock you. You can probably already guess who it is... wouldn't be a post written by me if I didn't. The Mocking Jays  because when don't I plug the boys? TMJ are a Notts band, they're like a pop rock band, bit heavier than McFly, but we

Single Review: Just Smile by Fast Car To Florence

Fast Car came back with a new bop AND OH MY GOSH JUST YES. It may be better than their last single, and that was A BOP. This is like a next level bop. The new single is called Just Smile (sorry boys, I don't smile a lot) AND NOT ONLY IS IT INCREDIBLE SOUND WISE but them lyrics... yes... yes. 100% yes. It's so good. It's definitely got an edge to it, and it's such a catchy sound. I'd say it's the best song they've done to date, but it does still sound like Fast Car (don't worry, it's not a moment where we cry because a band changed their sound). It came out at midnight yesterday (13th of January) and yes okay, there hasn't been that much time, but it's pretty much all I've been listening to. Well done to Chris, Mike and Isaac but can I just take a moment to appreciate how beautiful the vocals are on this track? Just... it's one of those songs where you can pick out what each member has contributed and you can appreciate ever