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The 2018 Lemon Awards

The 2018 Lemon Awards WE'RE BACK, IT'S THE ANNUAL LEMON AWARDS... this is the first year I'm going full out though... because this year this blog was rebranded to strictly music, and I've worked hard to produce content this year. Next year should be easier. There are even certificates this year for the winners...I've put a lot into these awards this year. I started working on these awards at the start of the year, and I take into consideration everything from the year. Every release, every band I've seen live, every interaction, what made bands stand out. The atmosphere and energy at gigs. Sometimes it's literally a set list of the way a band interacted with me that gave them a slight edge. This is because some bands have been incredible but some have been slightly rude in comparison to others. Some bands have seemed like they'd rather be anywhere but the gig they're playing, and some bands have still put energy in even if there's only a han

How I Feel About Lower Than Atlantis Breaking Up...

I AM HEARTBROKEN I feel hurt, I am hurt. This hurts, this is painful. This isn't the first band to breakup for me, but this is probably the most painful. I cried, I've cried over other bands breaking up, but not like this. This is just super painful. This stings. To quote The Reason by LTA "My heart was on the floor in a million pieces, battered and bruised, black and blue and incomplete". I honestly am so upset by this breakup, like okay, yeah I've had loads of bands breakup on me but this is one of my favourite bands and they have been for years. My heart is honestly so broken. And I am gonna try so hard to go and see them at one of their farewell shows, I just need that chance to see them and say goodbye, to get closure. I did have a feeling this was coming, but it doesn't mean it hurts any less. It still hurts just as much as if I wasn't expecting it. I am hurt and upset. In all honesty, I've had two and a half shitty weeks, so thi