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Single Review: Fall Before I Fall by Valencia

Single Review: Fall Before I Fold by Valencia If you’ve been following me for a while then you know I love Valencia, and they came off hiatus about two years ago, so the fact that they have finally dropped some new music is quite exciting. The sound has changed, as expected. We’re not talking the sound of their music before, it is similar in a way to Dancing With A Ghost, however, it is still a different sound from it. I have been taking some time out from concentrating on music all the time, so I actually found out about this song dropping when I checked my business email and found that I’d got an email saying Valencia had dropped a new song. It was a pleasant surprise. The song is still 100% pop punk/ alt rock. And it’s not a bad song, I will say that it’s certainly not as good as the likes of The Space Between or Spinning Out. It’s not bad but it’s not my favourite thing that they’ve released. It’s a good song, and it’s still Valencia. But, obviously every time a band changes

Live Review: The Mocking Jays (Round 9)

Saturday's gig could be my last gig of the year, but I don't know. But it was my 9th time seeing TMJ. So let's get into this! The Mocking Jays:: Round Nine It was their Rock City debut and they were supporting Sheafs... and this was a sold out gig. I say this everytime I do a review on the mocks, but they are incredible live. Like, if you like them when you hear the studio version of a track, YOU NEED TO SEE THEM LIVE. They are so much better live than they are on a recording. I can't stress that enough, just... they're incredible. It was only a support slot so they didn't have a massive set, but we did get to hear the classics, - Take You Home - Funny Bones - Edge Of Your Knife - Tears In Summer - Kiss My Neck - Sex On The Beach - I Can't Be Without Your Love And that is a solid set, like as always, I can't pick faults with the set. The energy at the gig from TMJ was incredible. And it was possibly their best gig I've been to.

My Thoughts on Every Avenue Coming Off Hiatus...

I mean, they did say "This is see you later" cause they aren't into goodbyes. And for years now I have been patiently awaiting them to announce they were back AND THE DAY CAME! I know this happened in September but still. Every Avenue are insane, and now they're back and they're doing a couple of reunion shows in America, I'm just waiting for them to be like yeah okay people in the UK we ain't forgot you guys we're coming for you! Because, I need that. I need to see them live. I need to scream to Every Avenue. I love them so much. I need to be a heap on the floor screaming. Every Avenue was one of the few bands I loved who went on hiatus and I never thought they'd come back, BUT THEY'RE BACK. Because of this, since they came back all I've been listening to is them. Shh! Just Go With It, Picture Perfect and Bad Habits have been on so much recently. I have never been so ready for a band to come back, but the fact they're back and j