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Live Review: The Mocking Jays (Round 8)

Black Flamingos
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We're calling this black flamingos as a nod to the fact Jay was dressed as black as my soul, and Sam was just wearing a top with flamingos on... which if that doesn't summarise the mocks, what does?
We all know I'm no stranger to seeing TMJ live, this was round 8. And I will say this was one of the best shows they've done. The two gigs at Rescue Rooms have been the best I've seen. I did take the mascot, and Stitch did sit on the barrier for a photo but I didn't keep it on barrier because I felt like I was going to drop it...
I say this every time, the energy that goes into that set says a lot. Their attitude says a lot. If you haven't seen TMJ live, then try and see them live. You'll be pleasantly surprised. I've seen a lot of bands live, and TMJ is still one of the best. It's a good experience, and if you get the chance, take it. Even if you don't like them as a band, and you're not a fan of the music, still attempt to see them live. There's so much energy in their sets, and the fact there's energy there makes it enjoyable.
I don't want to be shady here, but I've seen other bands who are MUCH bigger, like quite big bands in comparison, in the same venue, who's performance was questionable, and I thought they were super talented. TMJ are a lot better and much more talented, which says a lot. So if you do get the chance to see them, DO IT! The energy is great, they actually have talent, and their songs are actually decent (at least they are in my opinion).
The setlist was decent. If you've ever listened to them before then you would have enjoyed the set because you had the classics, aka Sex On The Beach, Take You Home and Edge Of Your Knife, and then obviously Kiss My Neck. We had I Can't Be Without Your Love, Tears In Summer and Close To You. Like that's a solid setlist, and if you like TMJ or could see yourself probably liking their sound if they had a slightly heavier, or slightly lighter song, then go and see them live because you have your songs that have sounds similar to the likes of The 1975, but they also have songs like I Can't Be Without You Love which is one of their 'heavier' songs, like it's a little more angsty in sound. So honestly, if you can then go and see them live because it's a cheap and cheerful night. Go and see them whilst they're still affordable because one day their tickets are gonna be so low, and you're going to be wanting to sell your organs and limbs to go and see them, so if they come near you, or you can make it to a gig they're playing then I highly suggest that you go and check them out.
I would highly rate this gig, I would say that it's probably in my top 10, and considering I've done like 10 gigs this year already that says a lot. As much as I like their music, I do think the energy in the set plays a BIG part in the enjoyment of these shows.
I could be mean and rate this gig about 4.5 lemons, but I'm going to give it the benefit of the doubt and say if I mentally felt better, then I'd probably have said 5 lemons. So around 5 out of 5 lemons, because I wasn't in a great mood at the time but I did enjoy the gig a lot, and the 4.5 isn't down to TMJ because I can't fault them but I would say more me.
Kiss My Neck is available for your audible pleasure on all good music platforms.
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