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The Songs That Are Helping Me Currently...

I have not been in a great place mentally, I fell out with my best friend, my mental health is taking a very big toll on me, my other best friend was involved in an accident (she's fine) but, I haven't been in a great place. But I got two new tattoos, and I'M SEEING A BAND I LOVE THIS WEEK (okay, if you're unaware, it's The Mocking Jays, what a shock... tune in next week for the review and probably a rant about how much I hated driving in Derby).

So, recently I've fell back in love with bands that I love, but I've realised just how much I love. This isn't a playlist, this is just some songs, and possibly why for some of them. So let's get on with this!
- Laps Around a Picture Frame by Broadside.
I love Broadside, like I remember when the first album came out and I tried to get everyone to listen to it, but a lot of people shrugged it off... them people now love Broadside... well, mostly. Like, come on...
"I hate myself, I have no friends, just a blurry reminder of being second best" like okay, fine, you just hit me where it hurts because I. CAN. RELATE.
- I Got Sick by Don Broco.
How can you not love a bit of Broco? Like honestly, ABSOLUTE JAMS. I love Broco, and I miss them. I Got Sick and Yeah Man are my two favourite Broco songs. Like listening to Broco puts me in a mood that I want to be in, whenever I'm listening to Broco I get put into a different mood. And everytime I listen to Broco it reminds me of one of my favourite people, and honestly, that's that best because I like being reminded of Sam.
- No Heroes Allowed by Mayday Parade.
I feel like most people don't know but Mayday are one of my all time favourite bands, I saw them on the Monsters Overseas and Black Lines tour, I've met them all, and I've met Alex twice. Jeremy's multiple hugs to me will forever be some of the best, and they were the band that helped me find myself, find who I was, and who I wanted to be. I've just realised I've liked mayday for 6 years and that's scary. I could go on and on about why I love Mayday, but I know most of their songs are either sad or have a 'Go do one!' vibe, but honestly, I love that. I like that I can cry over songs like One Man Drinking Games (it's more heartbreaking that Terrible Things, if you don't know, it's like Miserable at Best and Terrible Things had a child). There's just something about No Heroes Allowed that hits me currently.
- Disdain by Knuckle Puck.
All I'm going to say is "What could you possibly see in a failure like me?" because, honestly, that's me currently.
- Okay by As It Is.
Random fact, I remember back in day, when As It Is entered a competition or something to support Taking Hayley on tour, Taking Hayley broke up over four years ago. And I think it was like their 2012/2013 tour, and I remember getting their Two Tracks EP and I was like "YES! This is fabulous" and now look at them... I remember all them old EP's that aren't on things like Spotify. I remember them days. But honestly, Okay is such a tune. Like this song, is my life currently. "So keep your it'll get better's and I'll keep my I'll be just fine's. I'll show you flashes of colours and hide behind bouquets of lies" like honestly Patty, S A M E. But I mean also... "I don't know if I've been worse, I don't know if I can change, but right now I don't think, I don't think that I'm okay" because again... same.
- Call Me Hopeless, But Not Romantic by Mayday Parade
I've 100% fell back in love with mayday and just... the entire song means something to me, and it's a comfort blanket because it always makes me feel less alone.
- Same Suit, Different Tie by The Maine
I love The Maine, I miss The Maine, I've seen them twice and I miss them so much. American Candy is possibly my favourite album BUT ALL YOU PEOPLE THAT WANNA COME AT ME FOR THAT I ALSO LOVE BLACK AND WHITE OKAY?
- Still Thinking About You by Scouting For Girls.
Scouting For Girls was one of the first bands I ever loved, and they hold a place in my heart, and their music puts me in a good mood. And Still Thinking About You is such a nice song, but also I find meaning in it...
- If It Means a Lot to You by A Day To Remember.
I had forgot how much I love ADTR, and honestly, still love them so much, more than a lot of bands. But WHO DOESN'T LOVE THIS SONG? But again, it hits somewhere deep in me, offering me comfort.
- Make a Beast Of Myself by Twin Atlantic.
Am I really alive if I'm not listening to Twin Atlantic? Important questions, but because I've been in such a bad mood, so isolated. So done with everything, of course I've been turning to Twin Atlantic because if you know me, you know that Sam McTrusty is next level in my opinion, and I don't know why, but his voice is a comfort and come on, they're my favourite band what do you expect? But honestly, Make a Beast Of Myself is a comfort blanket for me currently.
-  Torn by Neck Deep.
I mean, it's so beautiful and Neck Deep! I'm neck deep in my PTSD at this point... okay, I'll try not to make a joke about my crippling mental health. But honestly, it's so beautiful and when I've been feeling sad I've put it on for comfort, and it is quite comforting. So...

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